Improve Your Memory Power in One Session

  Testimonials from Singapore Police Forces (2003 onward)

Kelvin Toh Hock Seng, ASP: "It improves Memory Power."

Florence Lau, Jurong Divisional Welfare Officer: "Enriching and able to understand how to remember better. It helps us to remember words more easily."

Abdul Rani, ASP: "Interesting knowledge that can be applied by everyone for better memory management."

Amiruddin Bin Ramli, SI: "Mr David Kee is a charismatic and experienced trainer. We thank him for his patience and teachings."

Doris Ho, PA to Director, SD&I: "I've benefited a lot of memory knowledge from this workshop. It is very interesting & useful."

Gunashagari Kolandervelu, Senior Station Inspector: "Self-Development with fun."

Gan Ong Peng: "It is an eye-opener for me. If I have attended this workshop in my early days, I think I should have been able to pass my exams with flying colours."

Yeo Chiah Tiong: "Almost everyone is multitasking so we need these memory techniques to do things in a faster & efficient manner. Easy to learn & applicable anywhere & anytime."

Ahlima D/O Sinnakannu: "Very carefully laid out. Very useful regardless of profession."

Phua Soo Hoon: "Continue to organise workshop 2. Mr David Kee is a very experienced trainer. He delivers his speech excellently."

Lakhbir Singh Gill: "Excellent lecturer and speaker. Have good mental skills. Wish to attend more of his courses. Yes, my mental skills have improved ever since I attend his course today. Mr David Kee is well read in this topic. Keep it up."

Deeno Abdul Barak: "Very very comprehensive. David brought us through the motion effortlessly."

Muhammad Abdul Qadir: "I will always remember your name Kee. I will always reemember key words. Kee is full of power. Kee, the first surname I ever come across."

Carol Chue: "Very well organised & got the participants attention. A great relaxing way to learn how to improve our memory."

Tea Ai Huay: "An interesting way to improve memory. Your memory is not rusty. What you need is a person to tell you the other methods for easy memorising."

Rethuwan Putra Bin Suleiman: "Very helpful. Attending the workshop can help you in your studies and work."

Lim Chan Huat: "It's very informative and beneficial. Die Die must try."

Veerasamy S/O Suppiah: "Interesting and relevant. Simple yet practical."

Mohamed Rashid Bin Mohamed Sani: "An effective course that help to boost my memory power."

Shaun Lim Jun Han: "Enjoyable and Interesting. Useful and Helpful for remembering everyday situations."

Chang Tze Ai: "Very helpful and practical tips & tools to improve my memory. This course is useful for daily life & work context."

Lim Tian Lye: "Very interesting and beneficial. There are ways to improve our memory. Find out from KEE Learning courses."

Maria Chua: "Knowledgeable and easy to understand."

Tan Ngian Kwang: "Good - well explained."

Rena Lee: "Very interesting & inspiring to know that there're so many tools to improve our memory & learning abilities. Definitely a transferable skill."

Periasamy Sakuntalai: "Very interesting and enjoyable and at the same time beneficial ."

Aileen Yap: "I am personally very fascinated by David's ability to remember the 2000 numbers. I suppose this ability/skill will help us in remembering all our friends' telephone numbers - not just depending on our handphones memory storage which can be limited at times."

Davin Ng: "I'm convinced that it's no magic which I thought it was."

Sharifah Sanoesi: "Very interesting & knowledgeable."

Sean Heng: "A very interesting and useful skill to learn."

Norshahizal B Saat: "A useful tool that is applicable to daily life."

Lionel Lim: "Could session be extended to 1 day instead?"

Hussin Bin Awi: "Very useful and improving my memory."

Tan Poh Kiat: "Educational! Beneficial!"

Debbie See: "Programme is fun and easily digested. Easy to learn & use in daily life."

Eric Ng: "It is really very enriching. Have learnt a lot during the workshop."

Ng Kim Meng: "Techniques introduced are very useful."

Lee Heng Hua: "Feel very revitalised and encouraged. Lesson is very interesting & encouraging. Will try and impart to others and will also share with my family and colleagues. Technique taught by the teacher was very good & practical. More lessons should be conducted for those who missed."

Mohd Ayub: "Very good, kept me thinking, imagining, etc. We need more of such workshops."

Lim Lay Beng: "Very enlightening!"

Judy Lim: "Very interesting and useful! Applicable to all ages. Fun learning process and visible result at the end."

Goh Chew Foong: "It's good to know other ways of improving our memory or to remember certain key words."

Sebastian Yeo: "Interesting! Learn some new ways to improve my memory."

Connie Chan: "Your workshop is pretty refreshing & interesting. Good take back in terms of new memory techniques. Thanks!"

Martin Wong: "Very good, clear & concise explanations. Well organised & delivered."

Chong Wei Keong: "Short yet extremely rewarding workshop."

Sivakumar: "It is an eye-opener."

Ibrahim: "Learn a lot on improving my memory."

Goh Guan Leong: "It was indeed an interesting workshop and I learnt a lot."

Choi Wai Meng: "Quite impressed & fascinated by this workshop. Especially the lecturer, Mr David Kee's demonstration."

Tan Chin Boon: "The workshop has let me realized what my mind can perform. Interesting, also enhance imagination."

Phua Chai Seng: "Enhance my memory skill."

S. Ambalagan: "Worthwhile!"

Tan Kok Kiang: "Very interesting."

Wong See Choon: "Assist me to improve my memory and learning skills."

Teo Chong Koon: "Easy to understand, very beneficial. Very useful."

Yazid: "Workshop is interesting. Would recommend others to participate. Enriching and useful for daily usage."

Xhamsuddin Bin Mohamad Zan: "The workshop is sufficient and the content can be used as an added tool in my presentations in future. Useful and beneficial for prolonged memory enhancement."

Othman B Jalal: "Very useful as it can be used daily. Lecturer friendly, approachable and tolerant."

Marcus Chow: "Very enriching. It also given me a good strength in remembering."

Bernard Tay: "It is very interesting and very enriching to know all the lessons delivered by David Kee."

Panneer Selvan: "Very interesting and it is knowledgeable. Parents can help their children to enhance their memory skill."

William Ng: "Very helpful in remembering things."

Somasundaram: "Very well explained. Interesting topics which can be used in everyday life."

Goh Boon Theng: "Interesting techniques."

Lee Chek Heng: "Very helpful."

Darren Luo: "Interesting and revealing."

Sharyn Sim: "Gained very useful skills. E.g. mental filing."

Lui See Hiong: "Enlightening."

Ong Wen Pin: "It is a very useful workshop which allows participants to remember things easily and effectively. It will be better if it is a full day course to include other courses such as 'Spelling Improvement'."

G Sujendran: "It is very fun and challenging. Good methods taught for memory recall."

Chan Kin Heng: "Very informative and useful for my work. Will be better if the course is being customised to fit into the job scope of police officer. Eg. memorising the laws status, sections and chapters."

Theng Kum Sheng: "Interesting. I think the duration is too short. I would like to attend more related workshops."

Wong Chong Chuen: "Very interesting. Surely will improve my memory power. Practical to use."

Indiradevi d/o K Kuntanpillai: "This workshop is very useful."

A. Selvarani: "Very knowledgeable. Beneficial to educate youngster and our daily work."

Foo Liew Wah: "I hope SPF will conduct Level 2 workshop in the near future."

Aloysius Cheok: "Very Interesting."

Peter Kuek Keng Hiang: "Very good and helps me to improve my memory in a more systematic and detailed manner."

James Ngoh: "Very enlightening."

Doris Sng: "The workshop is excellent. The presentation and examples are relevant and easy to apprehend. Well done. Looking forward to attend the level 2."

Chow Meng Pong: "I have learnt something very useful to improve my memory. The method is effective."

Poon Kwong Lee: "Enjoy the workshop and realize that memory space in our brain is more."

Josephine Wong: "Interesting techniques. Practical."

Heryanti Binte Abdul Wahid: "It makes me realize the potential of making full use of my memory."

Lee Bee Chin: "Good. Assist us to improve our memory."

Lee Soo Boon: "I have learnt some good and useful techniques to strengthen my memory."

Leena Rajan: "Gives me a useful technique to remember words and key points."

Lim Eng Hua: "Creative way of learning but useful."

Shawkat Alk Khan: "Very short & informative. Interested to attend Level 2."

Talib Abdul Kadar: "Very useful."

N Kunalan: "It is a valuable workshop."

Kor Ching Kiat: "Intellectually challenging."

Mohamad Deshah Limin: "Open mind concept. New horizon of learning."

Muhd Nasser: "Very beneficial and interesting."

Rizal Abdul Rahman: "Very interesting workshop & I learnt a lot about how to enhance my memory power."

Alan Choo: "Very good, easy and can use it basic life."

Osma B Abudl Razak: "Very interesting & knowledgeable."

Axel Lim: "Very interesting and useful. Brings out the child in everyone again."

Rahamathullah: "Such valuable workshop should be at least 2 days. If there's new things to learn, we must do it proper. Course was valuable."

Eric Chionh: "Provide a technique in memorising issue/thing.."

Melvin Gan: "Insightful and educational."

Salbiah: "Very interesting workshop."

Peh Lian Wah: "Interesting and beneficial. Also, it can be easily understood and can be put into practice instantly."

Lai Thong Fock: "A knowledgeable trainer."

Lim Siok Cheng: "It is useful to apply to working life."

Zul Ikmal Zullkefle: "Very insightful. Very useful."

Paul Lee: "Very interesting."

Zainudin Bin Jaffar: "Very interesting. To learn technique of remembering things"

Chew Hue Tuan, Dave: "Help to improve our memory with different techniques."

Mazlan Juhari: "It is very educational and interesting."

A Nalaaini: "You learn techniques to improve memory recall."

Mohd Rashid B. Mohd Yusoff: "Fantastic techniques. The power of memory is real. Result proven."

Micheal Heng: "It is definitely useful techniques that can help improve my memory. Will practise them in my day to day dealings. A must for student."

Kenny Goh Seow Hang: "Interesting, interactive and fun-learning. Want to test your memory to your limit, try KEE Learning."

Lim Choon Cheng: "This course will expore your hidden ability in memory."

Chong King Shing: "Would be better if it is a full day course for more practice."

Ahmad Razmy: "It is an enriching workshop how how to improve your 'untrained' memory."

Saraojah d/o Kuppaiyandi: "I would recommend it to my children to improve their studies."

Kho Puay Huang: "Very comprehensive. I love it. Interesting."

Mariani Salleh Huddin: "Can continue with level 2. It is useful and easy application."

Jane Tan Soon Cheng: "Too short. It helps to make me remember things easily."

K Padmini: "Very informative and educational. It will enhance your memory."

Teoh Li Lian: "Interesting, helps in our daily life."

Peter Ho: "Very pratical. Helps you to improve your life and memory. Makes you feel more confident."

Hamzah Mohd: "It is applicable to both at work and at home."

Masliza Masud: "Very interesting & fun way to learn."

Pauline Goh: "Useful , interesting."

Selamat Jumadi B Atan: "Very useful for every day life. Learning mental filing is good."

Jason Tan: "Great!!! Very education. Worth the time spent learning ."

Wong Kah Siong: "Brief, Effective & Comprehehsive! Skill enrichment! Go & join."

Thanabalan: "Very Beneficial. Very Good."

Catherine Tan Sia Peng: "Learn a new technique in memory improvement. Enriching, new, good."

Dorothy Lim: "Builds confidence in ourself because trainer emphasised memory can be trained as bad memory is not by default. Nothing is impossible."

Napsah Bte Idris: "It really helps to improve your memory."

Chen Shuling Lyn: "It is very useful & effective."

Pang Ai Jee: "Very rewarding through the interesting way to improve our memory. To learn new methods to improve memory."

Hardev Kaur: "Very interesting, really helps to improve memory. Very useful, very beneficial."

Veronica Ong Bee Lay: "It is nw experience for me. Quite interesting. Can help for mental locations so that this will lead to mental filing."

Suriati A: "It's very interesting and hopefully help me to improve my memory."

Tan Wee Peng: "It helps me to memorise better & learn more techniques."

Goh Khar Huay: "To organise memory improvement workshop 2 by W.D. To learn how to remember words."

Liew Shiow Mei: "Excellent! This workshop is very useful. I learn the memory techniques."

Hamidah Ramat: "Will improve your memory tremendously."

Kek Cheok Fah: "Improve memory. Come and learn the techniques."

Ten Sok Moi: "Remember new words in an easy way."

Abdul Mutalib B Mohamad: "Excellent Job! I would recommend this workshop to others and I would explain to them that they're wasting 90% of their right brain by not using it."

Seet Wen Sen: "Study will be much easier."

Yow Kar Yee: "Enriching & fun. Very suitable for people with problem at remembering."

Andy Pang Jiekun: "It is beneficial to our daily life. Long term advantage."

Tong Hong Weng: "Well structured. Easy to understand learning methods."

Nazrul Ariffin B Abdullah: "Good workshop for all A&F of group. Something new to learn."

Lim Geok Leng: "Interesting & fun. Interesting & really improve my memory."

Connie Han: "Generally the course is very meaningful and I have learn a lot. You get to learn the different techniques of memory skills and it make your thinking faster."

Tan Li Kim: "Practical, useful tips!"

Abdul Halim: "Mental filing helps us to memorize in a more organised way."

Mohammad Amin Bin Abdul Rashid: "This workshop really works and made me realise that there are many creative ways to remember things."

Rahemah Bte Md Din: "Very interesting & knowledgeable."

Chew Lye Soon: "Help you to remember things."

Kang Chee Keong: "Easy to pick up. Good to give a try attending the course."

Bai Zhong Ping: "Useful and can see result very quickly."

Mohd Sophian: "Useful training."

Nizam: "The workshop teaches one how to improve their memory."

Mohd Farid: "Try this workshop. It helps us a lot."

Ryan Tan: "It is very useful and improve memory."

Kelvin Tan: "It's Great."

Muhd Faisal: "It really helps you to remember and memorize better."

Jacky Kwan: "Very interesting workshop. Attend if you wish to improve your memory."

Yue Jun De: "It helps to memorize things in an entertaining way ."

Muhammad Naasin Abdullah: "We learn something useful to remember better. Some useful techniques leaarnt from the course."

Saufi: "Very enriching and interesting. This workshop will help us to increase our memory usage and efficiency."

Mohd Ameen: "Learn new words. I would recommend this workshop to my friends and their children."

Raymond Ang: "Highly recommended for children and people who are studying."

Karen Chang: "Introduces me to more ways to effectively remember things/words. Vivid examples. Very good workshop."

Nizam: "It gives me a lot more techniques to remember things easily. It give you sufficient examples to make learning fun, easy and practical."

Muhammad Hafiz: "Easy to learn and to refresh back the vocabulary. Learn new topics. New ways to deal with our memory. Should join this course, You can learn and refresh back."

Muhammad Reza Nashemdin: "Easy to understand. Fun to listen to. If your memory sucks, I would like to recommend you to attend Mr Kee's memory workshop."

S C Nizam: "Creative. A useful training."

Mohamad Imran: "Useful training programme."

Gilbert Chee: "It helps to improve one's memory."

Kamamlzaman: "Good illustration from speaker, knowledge interpretation is easy to learn."

Gahut: "The course is very interactive and gives me a more prominent way to improve my memory power. Very realistic and effective."

Shah: "Imagination promotes good memory. It's good lah."

Alvin Kum Kin Mun: "It is a good and innovative way to learn and remember better. It promotes good memory skills and to learn better in the long run."

Hammad Nafis Bin Mohamed Bacttok: "Very good and beneficial. It's worth it."

Khairuddin: "It is an interesting and fun workshop yet rewarding ."

Lau Keng Wah: "It helps to improve your memory through different techniques learnt in the workshop."

Soong Seng Veng: "It is a very memorable workshop. Kids and adults should attend."

Rosli Bin Brahim: "You'll be amazed."

Saw Roon: "Very impressive, learn a lot in the workshop. Must bring the children to join the class! Sure can improve their memory."

Ruhyati Kamsani: "Well explained. Very Good and Enriching work."

Abdul Majeed Abd Karim: "Interesting and stimulating. Makes one realises the causes of memory lapse. Really helps to focus on your abilities to increase your memory power."

Siti Azlina Bte Bohari: "Good and enriching. Good workshop to remember things and organize your work."

Christopher Nai: "Very effective. No one has poor memory."

Nurmanissa: "Good technique to memorise."

Yap Min Hao: "The workshop is interesting and challenging. I think the knowledge I have learnt would be useful in future."

Siti Zurziana: "Interesting, not boring, can see immediate results/improvement."

Edwin Pow: "Very effective! Excellent Speaker! Keep it up!!! A course/workshop that they MUST not miss!"

Kwan Chee Weng: "Interesting techniques in memorising things. The techniques learn in the workshop will improve your memory power."

Ang Wei Cong: "Interesting way to remember things. Boost up the brain power. A course not to miss, remember more even you are on the max."

Jetendra: "Interesting and good. Very enriching. I'll provide others with the contact of the lecturer."

Joey Peck: "Very effective way to remember things!"

Ishmael Rostam Nam Jaree: "Very interesting. Mr David Kee is very good."

Muhd Razif Bin Ahmad Rabani: "This workshop is very effective, interesting and fun. It is very useful and very beneficial to everyone."

Khoo Kim Song: "A new insight on remembering."

Lucy Lim: "Very hands-on. Very practical. It definitely works ."

Edwin Ong: "It is useful. It is helpful."

Shahrul Hadi: "A trained memory is an efficient memory."

Hendie Ichwandy Bin Syaiful Ichwan: "Very enlightening. Something that you require but overlook."

Lee Chong Tat Timothy: "It works if you pay attention."

Yeo Jia Wei: "Not bad."

Keith Tan Guo Wen: "Try it out - interesting."

Amir Hamzah Bin Khalid: "It helps in my memory and somewhat does encourage myself to read more books and look for new words in dictionary. Will help us a lot in remembering/learning things easily and apply in our everyday life ."

Koh Soo Yeaw John: "Awesome workshop! I had similar training before but it is an awesome refreshment and Mr David certainly did a better illustration than the other lecturer. Mr David did a great job helping participants learn."

Mohamed Shahril B Salim: "Helps relates what we learn in our daily activities. Improve my memory and teaches techniques to remember simple task. It really helps your memory."

Xu Wanye: "It is good for me."

Muhd Farhan Musbah: "I would recommend others to attend this workshop."

Sharul B Osman: "It works! Very useful for students."

Chan Chee Seng: "Very enriching. The course provides new way of improving memory."

Nur Diana Bte Mohamed Yusoff: "Improve memory."

Hafizil Bin Mohamed: "Interesting! Worth the time!"

Jesma Bte Harun: "Useful & enlightening. Fun, funny workshop where you get to learn new stuff."

Ranjit Singh: "Excellent."

Tan Kai Xiang: "Good way of learning."

Ong Chia Leong: "The workshop is worth it."

Mohamad Azizan Bin Mohd Zen: "Very interesting. It really helps if you are forgetful person. Try it."

Tan Yong Rong Alex: "It is very useful."

Wilbert Tan: "Effective way of improving your memory."

Muhd Razif Bin Ahmad Rabani: "Very useful for the future. It helps in many ways."

Mohamad Bin Abdullah: "It is enriching and good for individuals."

Mohamad Rosbaini Bin Md Rossne: "Good ways of relating normal daily encounters into memory tips techniques."

Khairul Anuar Bin Mohd Khir: "Very beneficial indeed... Good course for everyone to go through as it is very helpful for all line of work."

Lim Yew Chong Jerry: "Very good, can be used to remember things in a very orderly manner."

Ang Ching San: "Good knowledge."

Mohd Ariffin Bin Mohamed Jamil: "I've learnt new techniques to improve my memory and it is easy to apply."

Mohd Affency Bin Othman: "I learnt something new! Mr Kee's Memory Techniques really works and useable."

Yunos Bin Abuzar: "Go and attend this course to improve your memory."

Muhammad Amin Bin Rubai: "Really helps in memory retention. It really helps people to memorise things faster."

Azri Bin Mohamed Suris: "This course will definitely assist you in remembering thngs and words."

Syed Mohd Mustaffach: "New experience."

Lubis Ratno: "Trainer was not petty. Trainer was clear. Helps to improve memory for those with so many things to remember in their professions."

Muhammad Zaki Bin Muhammad Ghazali: "Interesting and fun. Useful for everyday usage."

Niratna Ningseh Bte Abd Jalil: "Effective way to memory development ."

Muhammad Nisfu: "An excellent memory improvement programme!"

Muhammad Arif Osman: "Just the course that we need! Need more of these courses! :) Come and take the progress test/check to see for yourself!"

Mohd Juanda: "Good session. Additional knowledge on how to organize our memory. Good tips offered to participants. Enlightening and good enrichment session. Applicable in both studies and working environment."

Fairoz Abd Kareem: "Interesting points brought up with different memory tips. Very useful tools that helps you in everyday life."

Ahmad Zain: "Very Good. I have improved my memory! You should try!"

M Khairunnizham: "Will improve your memory power."

Chua Kim Huat: "Help to boost memory and beneficial if impart it to their children."

Mohd Khairul Anuar: "Fantastic."

Shah Ridzwan: "Improve thinking and remembering."

Chua Suay Goo: "A wonderful workshop. Very useful knowledge and skills learned from him (David Kee). Attend the workshop, if not, you will regret it."

Simon Fou: "Really help improving memory."

Calvin Ting: "Help in remembering many things in a short period of time."

Lian Bao Yang: "This program will be able to improve your memory and is worth attending."

Md Nizam: "Well presented. Good exposure."

Mohd Rohaizat Bin Abd Rajak: "Test your memory improvement with David Kee."

Azman Bin Ali: "Useful & practical. Good memory techniques"

Benedict Kang Choon Wei: "Very good for learning new memory techniques."

Gerard Ooi: "Good and interesting."

Wong Pui Fai: "It helps."

Fairoz Abdul Koreen: "Excellent. Must Pay Attention."

Jamadil: "I find it enriching. It's good."

K Nizam: "It's exciting."

Hu Wei Xiang: "This workshop really works."

Muhammad Syafiq Osman: "Very beneficial."

Kang Bee Yun: "Interesting and make use of live example to remember words."

Mazlan Othman: "Very informative & useful to daily usage. A plus especially to students."

Sariah Bte Mohd Yusoff: "Fruitful workshop. Thank you for sharing. You memory will get better after attending this workshop."

Bernard Wee: "Easy to understand to imprve our memory."

Abdul Jalil Abdul Latiff: "We not only learn the memory techniques, the lecturer also gave us some memory tips. Learn something new which you may not even know of it's existence."

Fazrun Abdul Rahman: "Knowledge can be utilised every day at work or home. Definitely can improve memory."

William Ng Chor Sing: "Easy to understand."

Wong Chew Kwan: "Very good to improve memory."

Lye Seng Fong: "Good and worth it. Help us to remember well. Good lecturer."

Shawkat Ali Khan: "Very excellent presentation. It is very good to imprve memory."

Grace Chong Hung Li: "Very interesting tips to remember things."

Mohammad Erwan Bin Zakariya: "Power leh. Must try."

Mohammad Zhafrie Bin Jalil: "Great tips! Good for confidence."

Muhammad Ryan Bin Kamaruzaman: "Enriching."

Suhaly Bte Senin: "Thank you Mr David Kee for your knowledgeable and interesting tips."

Mohammed Rashid Bin Mohd Jin: "From difficult to remember things, now you can remember things quite fast and accurate."

Gary Tan: "Very useful."

Norizan Bte Nor Baidin: "Useful techniques. Easy techniques that works."

Murni Binte Abdul Manap: "Enriching and interesting."

Muhammad Shahrul Bin Salleh: "Very good pointers provided to improve LTM effectively. Very useful to daily life."

Muhammad Fahmee Bin Rohmat: "Thank you for the course. Now I can easily use this skill to remember things and words for my future."

Norizam Khamis: "Very related to my job. Good for daily use."

Amir Hamzah: "V Good and can be applied in our every day life. Use your brain! Use your brain! Use your brain! you can do wonders! Unleash your brain power! Attend this course."

Chua Wei Loon: "Interesting."

Xu Wanye: "This can help me in my investigating process. This workshop helps you organise how your brain store information, enabling you to hence improve memory."

Reema Kaur: "Very useful, helpful and educational. Eye Opener to creative new ways for memory improvement. Interesting."

Ng Yong Sheng Gerald: "Enhance memory power."

Melvin Tay: "Very effective."

Lee Chong San: "Interesting."

Muhd Khalil Bin AB Hanan: "Mr David teaches very well and capture the attention of the people. It opens up your mind and you can control your usage of the mind much better."

Chan Chee Seng: "This workshop aid you to improve memory power ."

Nur Syafiqah Mohamed Said: "It is very useful in our everyday life."

Muhammad Zamir: "Different ways to remember especially useful for studies. Useful tips to memorise."

Hanis Roslee: "Simple & systematic methods that are applicable for daily use."

Zaki: "Techniques are useful."

MD Ishar: "Very related to my job."

Keith Tan: "It helps me to improve my memory and I hope that others will be able to do so as well."

  ~ end ~