Improve Your Memory Power in One Session

  Testimonials from SMa School of Management

Programme Evaluation (Summary) compiled by SMa

Comments/suggestions on the quality of the programme:
- Class was conducted with a lot of witty examples that make you remember almost everything.
- New, effective way of improving memory. Quality of program is good.
- A good, fun way of learning memory skills.

Comments/suggestions on the consultant's/trainer's effectiveness:
- Good trainer, willing to impart knowledge.
- Lively teacher and effective in creating response.
- Trainer is clear, teaching pace is good.
- Very good.

Comments/suggestions on the quality of our administration and logistics:
- Room was too cold and doors slam when closed.
- Good class size.
- Put a signboard at 4th floor lift lobby as direction guide.

Will you recommend others to attend the programme?
100% indicated yes.

If your response to the last question is yes, what would you say to the participants to recommend him/her to attend the programme?
- A good skill to know and use it to remember more information.
- Very good memory-improving training. Effective.
- Able to boost memory in a short span of time.
- If you need to enhance your memory, attend it!
- Practical knowledge to apply to their work.
- Help to understand the technique and can use it in our daily life.
- Memory loss is not an excuse - just attend the class and you will remember!
- You will be able to absorb more and improve your memory after attending this class.
- To learn memory skills.
- Very useful tips and techniques to improve your memory; Not many places can teach memory as a topic and gets taken for granted.

  ~ end ~