Improve Your Memory Power in One Session

  Testimonials from Si Ling Secondary School Students



Ms Diyana (Teacher):
“Especially good to retain facts after learning in our own way.”

Jasmine Goh Jie Min (Sec 1):
“It will help you to memorize things easier.”

Jessica Emmanuelle Patrick (Sec 1):
“Good, it will helps us a lot.”

Joey Kok (Sec 1):
“This is very fun and interesting.”

Khaezel Manlulu Dizon (Sec 1):
“You will learn a lot.”

Lithyashamini d/o Francis J (Sec 1):
“It is very interesting and it will improve your studies.”

Ng Faye (Sec 1):
“It really helped my memory to improve.”

Nur Aisyah Bte Mohamed Hassan (Sec 1):
“I think that my memory skills have risen. The technique that I have received help me so much. It would 100% increase your knowledge in memory if you pay attention.”

Jasmine Goh Jie Min (Sec 1):
“It will help you to memorize things easier.”

Puteri Hazwani Bte Abdul R (Sec 1):
“Very good. Easy to understand. :) Join this workshop. Easy to understand.”

Yam Siew Yu Virginia (Sec 1):
“It is fun.”

Aidil Azroy B Kasim (Sec 1):
“This workshop is fun. This workshop helps to improve my memory.”

Bani Muhammad Zafran BBFM (Sec 1):
“Helped me a lot in my memory. Very useful. :)”

Choo Ian Jun Bryan (Sec 1):
“It rocks! :) It really helps to improve my memory.”

Danial Ashidiq B Aziz (Sec 1):
“I can easily remember the words and the positions. The trainer is very nice and respectful to me and my classmates.”

Izmeer Helmi B Roslee (Sec 1):
“It is very good.”

Muhamad Daeian B Muhamad Dali (Sec 1):
“Good. Listen to the teacher and just pay attention.”

Muhammad Aqil B Dahlan (Sec 1):
“You won't regret joining.”

Syed Muhammad Shahan Alam (Sec 1):
“It is very good.”

Aaron Tan Jun Cong (Sec 1):
“Good and interesting workshop.”

Tee Yi Xiang Benjamin (Sec 1):
“It is very very good.”

Lee Zhe Chen (Sec 1):
“It is an excellent lesson.”

Chen Yung Xuan (Sec 2):
“I love this workshop. I would like to attend it in future. Thanks!! Mr Kee!!^^ This workshop is very helpful. You all can try it and you will know it.”

Hong Li Xian (Sec 2):
“It is very interesting.”

Bernice Lee Jyue Torng (Sec 2):
“Is funny and interesting. After attending this workshop, I have improved to memorize things.”

Liu Chen Xi (Sec 2):
“Is funny and interesting. After attending this workshop, I have improved my memory.”

Melody M Leong (Sec 2):
“It is really interesting, enjoyable and I would love to attend it again. It is very useful.”

Nur Halizah Bte Mohamad Jamil (Sec 2):
“It is great. The workshop is fun and very useful.”

Rushini Perera (Sec 2):
“The workshop is interesting. I have never been to one before and it was a good experience. "Love it! You should try it too!”

Poovaarasi Kumaraja (Sec 2):
“I had a wonderful and enjoyable time with Mr David Kee. I can remember more words after he taught me. You must learn this, it is very interesting and you can really enjoy the class. You can improve your English for sure.”

Priscilla Tan Yeong En (Sec 2):
“It helps me to remember words easily and in a fun way. It is a very good workshop.”

Yun Hye In (Sec 2):
“I enjoyed completely. It is really much of fun and I'm sure every one will love it!!!”

Bryan Lo Xze Han (Sec 2):
“This workshop helps me a lot for memorising vocabulary and key words and it is fun.”

Choong Chun Hou (Sec 2):
“It is very useful.”

Choong Wei Tzen (Sec 2):
“Very good! It is useful and easy to learn.”

Tong De Wang Ronald (Sec 2):
“It is very useful! It's amazing.”

Dyana Elyssa Bte Jefri (Sec 3):
“It is really great to have a creative way of thinking. A great thought and it is very interesting. It makes you more knowledgeable.”

Foo Xuan Hui (Sec 3):
“The workshop is good for remembering our studies.”

Hur Hazieena Bte Rolee (Sec 3):
“I would recommend this workshop to others so that they can learn more.”

Soh Wei Ting (Sec 3):
“Fun & interesting. After attending the worshop, I have a better trained memory. Can remember more things.”

Anthony Koo Jia Jun (Sec 3):
“If you have the chance to attend this type of worksop, just attend.”

Juainizal B Johani (Sec 3):
“Very good. Interesting.”

Liew Jun Wei (Sec 3):
“It is very fun and useful.”

Lim Kian Rong (Sec 3):
“This is very useful for exams.”

Muhammad Huzaifah B Jasini (Sec 3):
“This workshop is interesting.”

Tan Guat Yeow (Sec 3):
“Very Good. This workshop is a very efficient lesson.”

Yu Shang Xiang (Sec 3):
“Very interesting! It is a quick way to memorise things.”

Noor Afiqah Bte Fazil (Sec 4):
“Improve my memory skills. Wow! Fantastic. It is useful.”

Nur Ahlina Bte Samad (Sec 4):
“It is very fun. Hope to have more of this kind of workshop. I learn a lot from this workshop. This workshop is AWESOME.”

Nur Nazirah Bte Mohamad Nor(Sec 4):
“Makes us improve on our memory skills. Come to the workshop if you need to. :)”

Nurdiana Bte Abdul Ajiz (Sec 4):
“I hope the school could suggest more of this workshop in future. The 3 and a half hours session is very worth it.”

Nurul Hidayah Rahman (Sec 4):
“It is very good for me and after I learnt from this teacher, I understand and do well in the test.”

Chng Wee Kiat Ryan (Sec 4):
“The teaching is much better than I expected. From the start, I thought this is gonna be boring but it soon got my attention toward this lesson. Superb.”

Hibri B Mohd Sa'at (Sec 4):
“It is an enjoyable programme. It is good to learn new things.”

Iqbal Muqaddis B Azizian (Sec 4):
“Very detail. Good to memorize for exams.”

Kurniawan Shah B Zulkefli (Sec 4):
“It is a good learning class to go.”

Lee Zhe Wei (Sec 4):
“So amazing! The teacher's imagination is so good. This workshop is really amazing, expecially the hilarious teacher.”

Muhammad Aliff B Abdul Rashid (Sec 4):
“Benefits a lot to oneself.”

Muhammad Firdaus B Mohd Yunos (Sec 4):
“Very motivating, I learnt a lot.”

Muhammad Haikal B Jafreeli (Sec 4):
“It is fantastic! It can help in our school work.”

Muhammad Hazwan Arifin B Yusri (Sec 4):
“Surprising funny actions. It makes you understand more and make you laugh.”

Muhammad Nazirul Hakin B M R (Sec 4):
“It helps to use the correct memory technique. It helps others too.”

Sim Zhi Kang (Sec 4):
“It was fun. At first I was very vexed because of the different thing that was explained but slowly, I have learnt quite a lot from here. Try this workshop for yourself.”

Tan Chin Teck (Sec 4):
“Very good, no comments or flaws. I will tell others to go visit your website.”

Ixora Chang Le (Sec 4):
“Very interesting. You should go for this course.”

Lin Wen Juan (Sec 4):
“It is interesting and can help you a lot.”

Lu Hwee Chee (Sec 4):
“I learn many memory skills and improvements in this workshop.”

Pan Yan Qing (Sec 4):
“It is a very useful lesson for me.”

Putri Ain Bte Suri (Sec 4):
“It is fun to be in the lesson. You will enjoy it so much. ^^.”

Yeo Jia Jun Elvina (Sec 4):
“Very good & interesting.”

Yeo Wei Ting (Sec 4):
“It really works for me and it's very useful.”

Yun Hyejin (Sec 4):
“Excellent. Super interesting. You should check this out.”

Edwin Koh Kah Hao (Sec 4):
“This is a good memory workshop.”

Lim Zhi Xiang (Sec 4):
“This workshop is excellent and will improve our memory in just one lesson.”

Lin Kai Lan (Sec 4):
“I want to learn more memorizing words skill from the workshop. It can help you to memorize words easily.”

Muhammad Danial Fayyadh B M R (Sec 4):
“Funny. It's great!”

Muhammad Nurhakeem B Abduls (Sec 4):
“Please attend, it's fun.”

Ng Jun Hui Glenn (Sec 4):
“It is very useful for a life time.”

Shahidir B Shariffudin (Sec 4):
“Quite interesting. Help to remember things. Also a good improvement for the memory skill.”

Siow Jing Long (Sec 4):
“The methods are useful and easy to remember. Learning these methods would be much easier that rote learning.”

Ting Yu Lian (Sec 4):
“The workshop really helps us to memorise words.”

Trau Chi Kien (Sec 4):
“The workshop is very fun and interesting.”

Zhou Wen Jie (Sec 4):
“I learn many memory skills.”

Chew Zhen Ni Jennie (Sec 4):
“It is fun to play with words. Funny way of memorising.”

Nur Syafiqah Bte Tokiman (Sec 4):
“Make our memory works well. This workshop is good for our brain.”

Rajeswari d/o Murrlyh (Sec 4):
“Funny and interesting.”

Muhammad Rasul B Jumaat (Sec 4):
“Cool !! Not joking!”

Hamsavalli d/o Dorai Raju (Sec 4):
“I could see some improvement in my memory. I get to learn some memory skills. It is a good workshop, join if you want to know some skills and tips.”

Lim Xue Qi (Sec 4):
“Fun and get to learn how to memorise words and keywords which are important to us. Easily memorise words which we will learn throughout our life.”

Nur Laiyinah Bte Budi Hartono (Sec 4):
“It is very interesting to learn different techniques on learning how to remember key words. It would really help you to improve on your memory skills.”

Nurul Rusdeena Bte Rahmat (Sec 4):
“It is really good :) It's good to learn memory skill.”

Tey Sin Min (Sec 4):
“Very fun, I hope to have the workshop (similar ones) soon. (: Teacher is very funny, very interesting, can really learn things.”

Yu Yue (Sec 4):
“I think this workshop is very interesting and important for me.”

Aizil B A Rahim (Sec 4):
“Exciting and useful. It is a good way to memorise things easily.”

Ho Kang Fong (Sec 4):
“Too short. The workshop does help.”

Muhammad Amirullah B Ramlan (Sec 4):
“The workshop is good, it teaches you the different skills for you to remember.”

Cesandra Gan Kay Suan (Sec 4):
“The course is very interesting. You should register too!”

Daphne Tan Xin Yi (Sec 4):
“Very interactive and interesting. It is really fun and interesting and you will also be able to gain knowledge too.”

Huang Yan (Sec 4):
“This workshop is very good.”

Khairunnisha Bte Sa'ad (Sec 4):
“It really has inspired my memory skill after doing the tests. You should really join this workshop, it will benefit a lot and it really makes you elated after the workshop ends.”

Lee Jia Ling (Sec 4):
“It helps to increase my ability to memorize.”

Lin Ling (Sec 4):
“The workshop helps me improve a lot on memory skill.”

Nur Amirah Bte Sasman (Sec 4):
“This workshop is helpful.”

P Jayakumar Chandana (Sec 4):
“If you really wish to improve your memory skills, this workshop is the best way to learn.”

Tina Sim Lee Hui Yu (Sec 4):
“It's fun and interesting. You will learn more ways to remember things.”

Fu Kai Tao Anson (Sec 4):
“The skills learnt are useful.”

Gu Chen Yi (Sec 4):
“This workshop is very interesting. It is very useful.”

Ho Siew Ming Winston (Sec 4):
“The workshop is very helpful, interesting and fun. I also learn a lot of new things too..”

Joseph Jian HengYe (Sec 4):
“Very interesting. Very useful.”

Lee Jun Xian (Sec 4):

Mohammad Irfan B Omar (Sec 4):
“Your memory will increase.”

Muhammad Sufwan B Ahmad (Sec 4):
“It is very interesting. It works. It is effective.”

Muhammad Syahrul B Mahmud (Sec 4):
“This can help boost our memory to further heights.”

Shen Zhuo (Sec 4):
“It's really helpful. It does improve my memory skill.”

Tey Wei Hua (Sec 4):
“It is very enriching and interesting. It will definitely help you improve your memory.”

Atiqah Bte Mustaffa (Sec 4):
“There are a lot of methods that can be used to memorise.”

He Hui Lin (Sec 4):
“It helps me to improve my memory skills and helps me to use different methods to remember words. You will regret if you don't attend! :)”

Lee Pei Xuan (Sec 4):
“Very funny and interesting. It's a very useful workshop and you will not regret attending it.”

Marwanie Bte Rahim (Sec 4):
“It is interesting and has helped me to improve my memory skills. This workshop will be beneficial to us.”

Najini Begum d/o Khaja M (Sec 4):
“I learnt a lot and it is useful. I can apply it in my daily life. It's fun and interesting.”

Noorwahidah Bte Adnan (Sec 4):
“To improve our memory skill and better understanding.”

Nur Aniza Bte Khairudin (Sec 4):
“I can remember things easily using the method. This workshop is interesting and help us in thinking.”

Nur Aziella Bte Abdul Razak (Sec 4):
“It's awesome. I can remember better just in seconds! It's incredible. I'm going to use SIRFEES to remember better.”

Nur Quraishah Bte Mushrin (Sec 4):
“Give it a try.”

Nur Syahirah Bte Mokhtar (Sec 4):
“Attend this workshop, it is good.”

Shu Shang Yuan (Sec 4):
“It was great and I learnt new way of how to remember notes eeasily. :) Awesome and fun way to learn. A great workshop that improve our memory.”

Gordon Kwok Yong (Sec 4):
“It helps you in remembering things easier.”

Kelvin Lim Weihao (Sec 4):
“The workshop helps me to improve my thinking skills and remeber things in different ways. This workshop is very useful.”

Muhammad Abdillah B Farid B O (Sec 4):
“Very interesting. The workshop is helpful and interesting.”

Muhammad Azhari B Abdulah (Sec 4):
“I love it!”

Muhammad Hazman Arifin B Yusri (Sec 4):
“The memory skill taught is good.”

Xu Hong Liang (Sec 4):
“The workshop makes remembering things very easy.”

Yasiiruddin Bin Yasman (Sec 4):
“It's awesome!”

Zuhairi B Abdul Kahar (Sec 4):
“The workshop is helpful.”

Mira Syazwani Bte Jahaya (Sec 5):
“I am impressed. I could remember and the skills are very useful and effective. If you want to improve your memory skills, go to this workshop. It is really effective and useful as I have been there before.”

Nurmayah Bte Mazlan (Sec 5):
“Very fun, useful, exciting, learn many new techniques. I would like to attend more. It is very useful.:)”

R Sangeetha (Sec 5):
“It is so effective. I learnt a lot in my life for having a good memory. Yes, I love this workshop. Now I feel confident after attending this workshop. Thank You Very Much Mr David Kee”

Joshua Emmanuel Patrick (Sec 5):
“It is good. I have learnt some new techniques.”

Muhammad Faris B Juffri (Sec 5):
“Very fun and engaging. Found out new ways to remember things. The workshop is very fun and we get to learn new ways to remember things.”

Muhammad Khair Rasyid B Rahmat (Sec 5):
“I am really impressed by the technique Mr David Kee used to remember things. The workshop is very useful. Not only in exam but also in life.”

Wong Jan Shao (Sec 5):
“Creative, increase imagination.”

Nur Nadzirah Bte Mohamed A (Sec 2):
“Fun and interesting. It is very useful for us.”

Nursuhailah Bte Razeed (Sec 2):
“This programme is very useful for us since it teaches us a lot.”

Nurul Atheera Bte A A S (Sec 2):
“It is very useful.”

Muhammad Ashraff B Samsuddin (Sec 2):
“Very good. Improve my memory skills. It is a good workshop, it helps you improve your memory skills just by one session.”

Doreen Khiew Shu Shyn (Sec 2):
“It is helpful :)”

Siti Nur Azra Bte Zulkifli (Sec 2):
“It is good.”

Aaron Jeremiah Williams (Sec 2):
“I learned a lot from this lesson. You should go because they teach you a lot of methods to remember words.”

Foo Hua Jun (Sec 2):
“You will find that you're not stupid.”

Eryuni Bte Azmi (Sec 1):
“I enjoy myself and learn new things.”

Nadfizah Bte Mohd Supri (Sec 1):
“I enjoy learning in this memory workshop although it is too long. The teacher is funny and it is awesome. It is good for our memory.”

Ng Yu Jie (Sec 1):
“It is a very fun and learnable workshop.”

Nur Nazirah Bte Nazrudin (Sec 1):
“I learn a lot things in this workshop. It is interesting. This workshop helps me how to train my memory skills.”

Nur Raihanah Bte Zailan (Sec 1):
“This workshop helps our memory to remember things better.”

Nuryn Bte Buhari (Sec 1):
“It is the best workshop I ever attend.”

Syarfan B Mohamed (Sec 1):
“The workshop is really good. It improves our memory.”

Ahmad Afiq B Nasir (Sec 1):
“It helpsus to remember more things.”

Darren Chua Yong Qing (Sec 1):
“This workshop is very useful, you must attend ah.”

Jerrold Dayne Phang (Sec 1):
“It helps me to remember more word easily in less than 5 minutes. If the duration could be longer, it would be much better for a lot of us.”

Kang Wei Teck Marcus (Sec 1):
“The workshop is good and fun to learn. It really helps me to remember all the things that I learn.”

M Yoganathan (Sec 1):
“You should attend and you will really find something good.”

Mohamed Raiqal B Mohamed R (Sec 1):
“The workshop is very useful to me as the teacher teaches me in an excellent way. This workshop is amazing.”

Muhammad Adrees Fauzli B Jali (Sec 1):
“This workshop is very helpful and help us to improve our memory.”

Muhammad Danish Qamarul B A B (Sec 1):

Muhammad Fareez B Zaini (Sec 1):
“Yes, I love this workshop. It really improves my memory skill a lot. It has a lot of techniques to improve our memory.”

Muhammad Shahreen B Shabidin (Sec 1):
“Very interesting.”

Nurarzwan Jasleen B Abdullah (Sec 1):
“It helps us to remember our stuff.”

Sheik Muhammad Zulkarnain (Sec 1):
“I would attend this again, if have. Must join.”

Chin Roong Soon (Sec 1):
“Good. It helps me improve.”

Muhammad Azam B Azman (Sec 1):
“It helps you remember key points to a subject.”

Chai Jiang Ping (Sec 2):
“It is very useful.”

Lai Yong Chen (Sec 2):
“Easy to remember words.”

Mohammad Nur Ilham B Ahmad (Sec 2):
“Very good.”

Muhammad Taufiq B Amran (Sec 2):
“It is exciting and fun.”

Nazirul B Roslind (Sec 2):
“The teacher is very best.”

Soh Ting Wei (Sec 2):

Ann Karolyn (Sec 3):
“It is very useful and fun to attend.”

Anne Marie Tay En Hui (Sec 3):
“Very organized, really helped me improve my memory skills and very well done.”

Gina Ong Qi Hui (Sec 3):
“This workshop is very effective and useful.”

Nur Shariah Bte Mohamed (Sec 3):
“I like the workshop as I learnt a lot of new skills on memory improvement and I find it useful as it helps a lot. It is useful and not boring. We learnt a lot of useful tips in improving our memory skills.”

Sim Shi Rui Ellis (Sec 3):
“It will help me a lot in the future. This workshop is good as it helps to lessen the burden on memorising.”

Tan Hui Xian Venessa (Sec 3):
“Very fun and organised. Throughout the whole session it is just fun. Believe me that this workshop can really strengthen your memory just in one session .”

Desmond Ng Wei Zhuen (Sec 3):
“This workshop taught me that there are other ways to memorize other than just repetition.”

Jordan Lim Jian Li (Sec 3):
“It is excellent.”

Muhammad Danial B Roslan (Sec 3):
“Very informative, useful and I would definitely apply the logics learnt. This workshop is excellent!”

Muhammad Fitri B Agost (Sec 3):
“This workshop is very good! You will learn a lot of useful techniques to improve your memory.”

Muhammad Haziq B Sasman (Sec 3):
“It is amazing to know the tips of memorising something. This will help you remember many vocabulary and increase the power of memory skills.”

Nicolas Wijaya (Sec 3):
“It is useful to remember, take this course.”

Shaun Wee Chieh Jern (Sec 3):
“Very humorous and interactive one. I would like to join again if I am able to. It is a really fruitful memory workshop. Very helpful in remembering and recalling.”

Shawn Lemuel Evora Dabi(Sec 3):
“It tremendously helped my memory skills. The methods are simple yet effective.”

James Soo Yann Loong(Sec 3):
“Very informative. My memory definitely improved after one session. It works.”

Zhou Zhihua (Sec 3):
“It is interesting and useful. This workshop's method is powerful.”

Ding Yanxin (Sec 5):
“Very interesting and useful.”

Nur Nabilah Bte Shaifuddin (Sec 5):
“The workshop is really useful and really guarantee an improvement in the tests that were held during the workshop. It is an effective workshop.”

Nurul Amirah Bte Mohamad (Sec 5):
“This workshop is effective.”

Teo Shu Liang Sulivia (Sec 5):
“Awesome. It will help you to improve your memory gradually.”

Brandon Micheal Hardie (Sec 5):
“It really works and I am proud about it.”

Kishen s/o Nibalagi (Sec 5):
“It really surprised me that I was able to remember all those words. It is really very effective.”

Muaz B Yunos (Sec 5):
“I am impressed with the skills that I've learnt :).”

Kevin Tan Yih Xiang (Sec 5):
“It helps to memorise the words.”

Zheng Gong Cheng (Sec 5):
“The method taught in the workshop is useful.”

Chang Xin Hui (Sec 5):
“Awesome, should have more (: This workshop is really very useful as it really proves that my memory skills really improve a lot.”

Muhammad Husseini B Haris (Sec 5):
“It is very helpful. I have done some studies before and after attending this workshop, now things are clear on what I had studied before. Guarantee to make a difference.”

Chew Wan Ling (Sec 1):
“He teaches us lots of interesting things and how to improve our memory.”

Nor Haffilah Bte Hussain (Sec 1):
“The workshop is very useful for people who is not good at thinking.”

Nur Eliyani Bte Ab Ghani (Sec 1):
“Excellent! Should have more of this! It is really useful.”

Nurshafiqah Bte Sa'adon (Sec 1):
“This workshop is great and important.”

Qurratu'aini Bte Samsuri (Sec 1):
“It is a good workshop that improve our memory.”

Raasheetha Bte Sheik Alaudeen (Sec 1):
“It is very useful as you can remember as many things as possible.”

Than Swee Ting (Sec 1):
“It is very fun and it is also not boring at all!!!”

Danial Farhan B Tamyias (Sec 1):
“You have to join this workshop because they teach us a lot of tips in learning.”

Huang YeQiang (Sec 1):
“It was helpful.”

Muhaimin B Dorahman (Sec 1):
“It is very fun and exciting.”

Muhammad Fais B Azmi (Sec 1):
“I hope there will be this workshop again for us. Try this workshop, it is very good.”

Muhammad Luthfil Hady (Sec 1):
“It is funny.”

Neo Yao Zhong (Sec 1):
“It can improve our memory.”

K Zin Thaw (Sec 1):
“This workshop is ver nice and I learn how to memorise vocabulary easily .”

Jason Kuan Yew Wei (Sec 1):
“This is an interesting programme to improve the memory.”

Dalpreet Kaur (Sec 3):
“It teaches you that imagination helps you gain more knowledge.”

Lim Xue Li (Sec 3):
“This is a great workshop which you can improve your memory.”

Ng Joey (Sec 3):
“This workshop is cool !”

Nur Syazrinah Bte Mohamed F (Sec 3):
“It is interesting.”

Nurulhuda Bte Safruddin (Sec 3):
“Fun. Useful workshop.”

Sheila Koh Jia Ying (Sec 3):
“It definitely improves your memory skills. Guaranteed!”

Chia Qing Rong (Sec 3):
“Interesting and logical. The workshop is interesting and teaches different techniques.”

Daniyal Alsagoff mohsin (Sec 3):
“It is good and the skill taught is easy to remember.”

Mohammad Irshad B Omar (Sec 3):
“The workshop teaches us different method to memorise.”

Muhammad Muzhaffar Shah B M M (Sec 3):
“It was fantastic and absolutely excellent.”

Nurul Narina Bte Abdul Hakim A (Sec 3):
“It helps us to remember stuff.”

Siti Nur Afiqah Bte Sharomsah (Sec 3):
“Very interesting & hysterical. Easy to memorise things. Please go to this workshop, it's worth your time and you will laugh and cry.”

Syaznishafiqa Bte Sazali (Sec 3):
“Workshop is good.”

Abdul Mu'iz B Abdul Aziz (Sec 3):
“Great. Very interesting. I learnt a lot of things. This workshop rocks! :)”

Lau Yu Chun Brenden (Sec 3):
“This workshop is very educational.”

Muhammad Fazril B Muhammad H (Sec 3):
“It can help you by making your memory powerful.”

Muhammad Nazly B Rusali (Sec 3):
“The teache makes the workshop interesting. Very best!”

Muhammad Nur Azwan B Fauzi (Sec 3):
“It improves my memory.”

Webb Chance Alexander (Sec 3):
“It is useful! ...and...AWESOME!!”

Noor Afifah Bte Fazil (Sec 3):
“It is very good for us to remember things better and improve your memory skills.”

Kimberly Lau Bao Fei (Sec 1):
“It is good because you can learn something you never learn before and improve your memory skills.”

Nur Shazriana Bte Matsah (Sec 1):
“The workshop is very useful.”

Tiara Amelia Bte Khairul Anuar (Sec 1):
“I like this workshop because he teaches me more than what we are supposed to learn. This workshop is very good.”

Qayyum Danish Tan (Sec 1):
“It is useful.”

Chia Si Jia (Sec 2):
“It will help us in remember things better.”

Fatin Liyana Bte Mohd Yazid (Sec 2):
“It is great!”

Iffah Nasuha Bte Kamaruddin (Sec 2):
“It is interesting and I can uderstand very well.”

Kenny Ng (Sec 2):
“This workshop is very useful for our studies.”

Nur Amira Bte Shamsuddin (Sec 2):
“The best memory skill workshop ever! Thank you for the tips! It is fun .”

Nur Marliana Bte A Rahman (Sec 2):
“The memoy skills workshop makes me remember more things.”

Tengku Haryani Bte Tengku A (Sec 2):
“This workshop is very useful for future.”

Vivy Ong (Sec 2):
“It will help improve our vocabulary and score well.”

Caleb Chang (Sec 2):
“The teaching is good and understandable.”

Fahmy Izzudeen B Sedek (Sec 2):
“It is very exciting but I want to learn more on how to improve our memory. It helps us to remember things and improve our memory.”

Hor Jin Wei (Sec 2):
“Please listen to Mr Kee cause his talk is very useful to our memory.”

Ilyas Syamil B Mohamed Zin (Sec 2):
“Very good. This workshop will benefit others.”

Marc Eugs Gueta Torrato (Sec 2):
“Interesting and easy to catch up.”

Muhammad Firdaus B Khuzairi (Sec 2):
“It is useful because I have learnt something new that maybe can change my life. This workshop can help us to get better memory and can make us happy and excitied to learn it”

Muhammad Nor Shahzrin B Nor A (Sec 2):
“Great! Please go to this workshop. It is call Mr Kee Learning.”

Muhammad Yahya Budiman (Sec 2):
“Experience and Expert.”

Ng Song Xue Shaun (Sec 2):
“I find this workshop very useful for improving my memory skill. I am able to memorize words faster and it can help in memorising notes.”

Darrel Ong Li Xiang (Sec 3):
“The instructor is able to engage us in what he is teaching and it's fun. This workshop is great and will help us to improve in memorising.”

Huang Yudong (Sec 3):
“Very useful.”

Kendrick Tay Zhi Yuan (Sec 3):
“It is useful and very good to understand.”

Mohammad Fikri B Rozani (Sec 3):
“It is fun and effective.”

Miuhammad Asyraf B Farid B Omar (Sec 3):
“It is a useful workshop that could help us remember things.”

Muhammad Haizal B Samsuri (Sec 3):
“This workshop is good for memory.”

Shaharudin B Samsudin (Sec 3):
“It is good for our brain.”

Lau Wei Ting (Sec 1):
“This workshop helps me to memorise things. I like the teacher because he is very funny. He can help me to remember things easily.”

Suhailah Bte Suhainy (Sec 1):
“It was interesting. Learnt that we can use our imagination to improve our memory.”

Velasquez Janine Marion Ferrer (Sec 1):
“This workshop helped to improve my memory and I also learnt new steps to help me in my studies.”

Jason A Dennis (Sec 1):
“This workshop is very fun and I can understand.”

Mohammad Al Shairizan B K (Sec 1):
“I can understand.”

Muhammad Ilyasa'B Safiee (Sec 1):
“It is very good.”

Mohamad Azlan B Mohamad Kamis (Sec 3):
“It is useful and easy to remember.”

Yuveishaa d/o Chandra Kumar (Sec 1):
“It is very helpful for my studies.”

Phang Ying Wen (Sec 1):
“It was very fun and interesting. After the workshop, our memory would improve.”

Nurul Shaheeda Binti Mohamed (Sec 1):
“It is very interesting. I really enjoy it. I learnt a lot of new things.”

Tan Yu Han (Sec 2):
“Not bad. This can teach us the skills for memorising easily.”

Javen Lim Jia Hao (Sec 3):
“It is good to learn.”

Lau Yong Zhen Kelvin (Sec 3):
“It is very useful and can help to memorise lots of things.”

Nur Affiq Danish B Ariffin (Sec 3):
“It was just Awesome. Just pay attention.”

Michelle Chan (Sec 3):
“It is fun & interesting.”

Syed Al-Haqq B Syed M F A (Sec 3):
“Really exciting. It is really good.”

Putra Handri Pratama B Alias (Sec 3):
“It is great if you have poor memory skills.”

Chong Shu Ting (Sec 2):
“It is a good workshop that we can remember things easily.”

Amirah Humaira Bte Redwan (Sec 1):
“I like this workshop. I can lern so much. This is very useful for my future.”

Fatin Anisah Bte Azman (Sec 1):
“This workshop helps you to improve your memory skills and is useful.”

Nur Aisyah Bte Raihan (Sec 1):
“It's awesome. The should make more of this. It's really benefit me a lot :).”

Nur Deanna Bte Kalamuddin (Sec 1):
“I want to have more of this workshops. I can learn many things.”

Nur Fateha Bte Muhamad (Sec 1):
“The workshop is really fun!”

Nurul Nikkisya (Sec 1):
“It is beneficial. You can use his awsome techniques for your exams. You must go for this workshop. It is worthy.”

Nurul Syahindah (Sec 1):
“It really helps us remembers. It is an awesome workshop.”

Wani Sorfina (Sec 1):
“The workshop is interesting.”

Wong Siew Leng (Sec 1):
“It is very interesting and effective.”

Zahirah Bte Sulhan (Sec 1):
“It was rather fun. It can help me do better in my studies! This will be your best experience yet. Helping you memorise better. A rather engaging workshop.”

Dani Suhardi (Sec 1):
“This workshop helps me to double my memory.”

Goh Yan Zheng (Sec 1):
“This is an interesting workshop which include a good teacher”

Muhammad Ezlan (Sec 1):
“It would be good for our tests or exams.”

Sharwin Ram (Sec 1):
“It just happen when you try it out.”

Goh Ser Yi (Sec 1):
“Interesting. Fun learning.”

Nur Allyanna (Sec 1):
“The workshop is great. You should try.”

Ler Pei Ling (Sec 1):
“I like the workshop because I can improve my memory.”

Nicholas Boo Xue Qing (Sec 1):
“I wish to come back next year. Appreicate it!”

Nelden Sanjeev Kunalan(Sec 1):
“Awesome. Go for it. It will improve your memory skills.”

Santhia d/o Saravanan (Sec 1):
“I like the workshop because I got improvement in it.”

Choong Yuan Xin (Sec 1):
“This memory skills workshop is very interesting. I hope you can give me more tips about this. This workshop is really helpful.”

Angie Yap (Sec 1):
“Thank you Mr Kee for such a wonderful workshop :)”

Agnes Chua Hui Ru (Sec 1):
“This could help to strengthen your memory.”

Erica (Sec 1):
“You can increase your memory skill.”

Lee Qinglian (Sec 1):
“KEE Learning is interesting and funn, very helpful.”

Nur Nabilah (Sec 1):
“This could encourage us to think more.”

Siti Zalikha Zahidah (Sec 1):
“It is because it helps us with our memory.”

Soo Li Ning (Sec 1):
“It is really useful.”

Zaimah Bte Zakaria (Sec 1):
“I will encourage others to attend this workshop.”

Izz Zuhairy (Sec 1):
“It is very effective on our memory skill. It is a good experience and better to attend this workshop.”

Joe Lee (Sec 1):
“It really helps me a lot.”

Muhammad Azfar (Sec 1):
“The workshop is interesting and it gives good tips.”

Muhammad Azfar B Nasric (Sec 1):
“This workshop is interesting, give good tips.”

Muhammad Elsan Daniel (Sec 1):
“The workshop is good and let us learn more. It is fun.”

Ng Hui Zhen (Sec 1):
“This could help us to improve our memory.”

Fadhlur Rahman Khan (Sec 1):
“This workshop is great.”

Liu Fan (Sec 1):
“I like it a lot.”

Wong Qiao Yi (Sec 1):
“This could help to improve your memory.”

Nurshahirah (Sec 1):
“It is very useful.”

Loh Li Min (Sec 1):
“It is really useful.”

Truong Chi Thanh John (Sec 1):
“It helped me a lot in my memory skills.”

Peh Zhi Xin (Sec 1):
“Help us improve our memory.”

Mohammad Zaki (Sec 1):
“It is fun and excellent.”

Muhammad Aarifien (Sec 1):
“It is quite fun.”

Nurhaikal (Sec 1):
“It is fun. I can finally remember more things. Try this, I guarantee you will learn more of learning skill to remember things. It helps me with my studies.”

S Sangaran (Sec 1):
“It is very useful.”

Shafiq Azwandy (Sec 1):
“It is quite fun.”

Christina Wang Shanyi (Sec 1):
“It is useful for ourselves.”

Ng Joon Yie (Sec 1):
“This teacher is very good, he can help us.”

Melissa Tang (Sec 1):
“It is interesting to learn and can remember things fast.”

Dalvinder Singh (Sec 1):
“It is useful in life and also helps to improve my memory.”

Narain Enrico Annand(Sec 1):
“Mr David Kee is an awesome teacher.”

Ng Zi Quan (Sec 1):
“It is very rarely that we can attend lesson like this.”

Tay Sun Wei (Sec 1):
“It is very rare that we can go to a lesson like this. It is quite fun.”

Woon Fong (Sec 1):

Daryl Emerald Raj (Sec 1):
“The workshop is interesting and it's worth your time to attend it.”

Loh Puay Boon (Sec 1):
“It's Perfect!!”

Muhammad Hairee Bin Omar (Sec 1):
“Fun! You will never regret it.”

Nur Rakinah (Sec 1):
“Very interesting and funny. It can help you improve on your memory skills.”

Lim Jun Quan (Sec 1):
“Pro. You would love it.”

Muhammad Nur Ikhwan (Sec 1):
“The workshop improves my memory better than other workshops. This workshop is useful.”

Christia Faith M Arturo (Sec 1):
“The workshop is very useful if you like to improve your memorising skills.”

Joemira Amor Cillo (Sec 1):
“The memory skills workshop was effective.”



  ~ end ~