Improve Your Memory Power in One Session

  Testimonials from Si Ling Secondary School (2012)

Amirah Humaira Bte Redwan (Sec 1):
“I like this workshop. I can lern so much. This is very useful for my future.”

Fatin Anisah Bte Azman (Sec 1):
“This workshop helps you to improve your memory skills and is useful.”

Nur Aisyah Bte Raihan (Sec 1):
“It's awesome. The should make more of this. It's really benefit me a lot :).”

Nur Deanna Bte Kalamuddin (Sec 1):
“I want to have more of this workshops. I can learn many things.”

Nur Fateha Bte Muhamad (Sec 1):
“The workshop is really fun!”

Nurul Nikkisya (Sec 1):
“It is beneficial. You can use his awsome techniques for your exams. You must go for this workshop. It is worthy.”

Nurul Syahindah (Sec 1):
“It really helps us remembers. It is an awesome workshop.”

Wani Sorfina (Sec 1):
“The workshop is interesting.”

Wong Siew Leng (Sec 1):
“It is very interesting and effective.”

Zahirah Bte Sulhan (Sec 1):
“It was rather fun. It can help me do better in my studies! This will be your best experience yet. Helping you memorise better. A rather engaging workshop.”

Dani Suhardi (Sec 1):
“This workshop helps me to double my memory.”

Goh Yan Zheng (Sec 1):
“This is an interesting workshop which include a good teacher”

Muhammad Ezlan (Sec 1):
“It would be good for our tests or exams.”

Sharwin Ram (Sec 1):
“It just happen when you try it out.”

Goh Ser Yi (Sec 1):
“Interesting. Fun learning.”

Nur Allyanna (Sec 1):
“The workshop is great. You should try.”

Ler Pei Ling (Sec 1):
“I like the workshop because I can improve my memory.”

Nicholas Boo Xue Qing (Sec 1):
“I wish to come back next year. Appreicate it!”

Nelden Sanjeev Kunalan(Sec 1):
“Awesome. Go for it. It will improve your memory skills.”

Santhia d/o Saravanan (Sec 1):
“I like the workshop because I got improvement in it.”

Choong Yuan Xin (Sec 1):
“This memory skills workshop is very interesting. I hope you can give me more tips about this. This workshop is really helpful.”

Angie Yap (Sec 1):
“Thank you Mr Kee for such a wonderful workshop :)”

Agnes Chua Hui Ru (Sec 1):
“This could help to strengthen your memory.”

Erica (Sec 1):
“You can increase your memory skill.”

Lee Qinglian (Sec 1):
“KEE Learning is interesting and funn, very helpful.”

Nur Nabilah (Sec 1):
“This could encourage us to think more.”

Siti Zalikha Zahidah (Sec 1):
“It is because it helps us with our memory.”

Soo Li Ning (Sec 1):
“It is really useful.”

Zaimah Bte Zakaria (Sec 1):
“I will encourage others to attend this workshop.”

Izz Zuhairy (Sec 1):
“It is very effective on our memory skill. It is a good experience and better to attend this workshop.”

Joe Lee (Sec 1):
“It really helps me a lot.”

Muhammad Azfar (Sec 1):
“The workshop is interesting and it gives good tips.”

Muhammad Azfar B Nasric (Sec 1):
“This workshop is interesting, give good tips.”

Muhammad Elsan Daniel (Sec 1):
“The workshop is good and let us learn more. It is fun.”

Ng Hui Zhen (Sec 1):
“This could help us to improve our memory.”

Fadhlur Rahman Khan (Sec 1):
“This workshop is great.”

Liu Fan (Sec 1):
“I like it a lot.”

Wong Qiao Yi (Sec 1):
“This could help to improve your memory.”

Nurshahirah (Sec 1):
“It is very useful.”

Loh Li Min (Sec 1):
“It is really useful.”

Truong Chi Thanh John (Sec 1):
“It helped me a lot in my memory skills.”

Peh Zhi Xin (Sec 1):
“Help us improve our memory.”

Mohammad Zaki (Sec 1):
“It is fun and excellent.”

Muhammad Aarifien (Sec 1):
“It is quite fun.”

Nurhaikal (Sec 1):
“It is fun. I can finally remember more things. Try this, I guarantee you will learn more of learning skill to remember things. It helps me with my studies.”

S Sangaran (Sec 1):
“It is very useful.”

Shafiq Azwandy (Sec 1):
“It is quite fun.”

Christina Wang Shanyi (Sec 1):
“It is useful for ourselves.”

Ng Joon Yie (Sec 1):
“This teacher is very good, he can help us.”

Melissa Tang (Sec 1):
“It is interesting to learn and can remember things fast.”

Dalvinder Singh (Sec 1):
“It is useful in life and also helps to improve my memory.”

Narain Enrico Annand(Sec 1):
“Mr David Kee is an awesome teacher.”

Ng Zi Quan (Sec 1):
“It is very rarely that we can attend lesson like this.”

Tay Sun Wei (Sec 1):
“It is very rare that we can go to a lesson like this. It is quite fun.”

Woon Fong (Sec 1):

Daryl Emerald Raj (Sec 1):
“The workshop is interesting and it's worth your time to attend it.”

Loh Puay Boon (Sec 1):
“It's Perfect!!”

Muhammad Hairee Bin Omar (Sec 1):
“Fun! You will never regret it.”

Nur Rakinah (Sec 1):
“Very interesting and funny. It can help you improve on your memory skills.”

Lim Jun Quan (Sec 1):
“Pro. You would love it.”

Muhammad Nur Ikhwan (Sec 1):
“The workshop improves my memory better than other workshops. This workshop is useful.”

Christia Faith M Arturo (Sec 1):
“The workshop is very useful if you like to improve your memorising skills.”

Joemira Amor Cillo (Sec 1):
“The memory skills workshop was effective.”

  ~ end ~