Improve Your Memory Power in One Session

  Testimonials from Singapore Land Authority (2007)

Mrs Tan Siew Chin, Manager:
“Excellent, very interesting to know that there are so many ways to memorize.”

Toh Meow Ling, Assistant Manager:
“Very interesting & useful. This workshop teaches techniques to remember things either in sequence or not in an interesting way.”

Iwan Dharman Yusha:
“Your memory is like an unknown gold mine. Once you discovered it, the rewards are endless/priceless.”

Loh Eek Cher, Principal Executive:
“Interesting, fun-time.”

Lim Wan Loo, Executive:
“Very interesting, the techniques are easy to use. It is an interesting workshop. You can learn the different techniques to improve your memory.”

Tan Seok Hwee, Senior Executive:
“Useful tips to improve memory skills.”

Tay Sock Tiang, Executive:
“Quite helpful if I practise. Can learn some techniques to improve the memory.”

Cynthia Augustine, Principal Executive:
“Useful. Can be of use at home or office.”

Emyzal Bin Abdul Latip, Executive (Registration Officer):
“Interesting and sustains my interest. The skill you obtain is practical and useful.”

Jenny Ng, Principal Executive:
“Good tips - learn new techniques.”

Linda Kok, Personal Assistant:
“Useful, something new. Good challenge to learn new techniques.”

Ryan Dutt, Executive (Registration Officer):
“Good learning experience to put in practice in everyday life.”

S K Sivasangari, Executive Assistant:
“Need to conduct more on this course.”

Seow Guek Eng, Executive Assistant:
“Interesting, knowledgeable.”

Sim Buay Hwa, Principal Technical Executive:
“Interesting. Can learn various memory techniques."

Catherine Tan, Principal Executive:
“After the workshop, you will be able to remember more stuff. Different methods were taught at the workshop.”

Grace Thng:
“Engertaining & helpful. Class was conducted in a very lively manner. It is fun & interesting.”

Celine Chua Hwee Hoon:
“It helps to improve your memory.”

Lian Wee Koon:
“Create a greater awarenesss of our brain's capacity!.”

Ng Kim Choon:
“Very interesting.”

Esther Wong:
“Very interesting!”

Lim Cher Guan:
“There are many techniques to remember things.”

Teng Siu Ing:
“Fantastic, Fun.”

Nurhasrina Kassim:
“Help to boost memory improvement. Recommend for memorizing the uncommon words for daily usage. Good workshop.”

Rozanna Jalil:
“Interesting, a little funny. Learn new techniques.”

  ~ end ~