Improve Your Memory Power in One Session

  Testimonials from SEMICAPS Pte Ltd (2012)

Chin Chew Ching, Software Engineer: "It really works!"

Choong Sze Wei, Mechanical Design Engineer: "I would recommend this workshop to my girl friend who is going to launch an old folk centre. It could be one of the programmes hot spot."

Chua Choon Meng, CEO: "Very Good."

Anonymous: "Enjoy, entertain and educational. Fun workshop and it's really help my memory if I practise."

Carlson Hong, Customer Support Engineer: "Taught us how to remember lists using mental filing in a SIRFEES way."

Kang Mei Mei, HR Admin Executive: "Learn good tips to improve memory."

Andrew Leow, Mechanical Design Engineer: "Very interesting and it is very helpful to me to remember vocabulary."

Pauline Loh, Assistant Section Manager: "Very enriching. The trainer uses a lot of practical examples to make us understand the topic better."

Low Chin Teow, Service & Application Engineer: "Try it out and you will be surprised."

Ngo Kevin, Technical Sales Engineer: "Helped me a lot, like in sales presentation. Thanks. There is no such a thing as a poor memory - just trained or untrained. I believe it now!!"

Sark Jennifer, Engineer: "Very interesting and knowedge gain."

Tampos Mathew, Engineer: "Techniques are very effective and easy to use."

Tan Edward, Engineer: "Memory is an important aspect of everyday living. Very relevant to all people in all walks of life."

Tan Rommel, Engineer: "Interesting workshop. Learned a lot."

Usahrani Nair, Assistant Executive: "Really helpful."

Wong Rane, Senior Engineer: "Interesting and helpful."

Yeo Joanne, Assistant Section Managerr: "Well presented."

  ~ end ~