Improve Your Memory Power in One Session

  Testimonials from SAF HQ Supply Kranji Camp 3 (2012)

2LT Anson Poh Kian Soon: "Extremely helpful for the memory."

3SG Muhammad Alif Bin Zaini: "Have good ways of memorizing things."

LCP Chester Chen Deyu: "Very useful and relatively easy-to-learn techniques."

LCP Chng Yong Kiat Joshua: "Interesting. Good tips! Many tips given!"

LCP Koo Kar Wai Darren: "It is very interesting to be exposed to memory techniques. Being exposed to something new is never easy to apply but this was rather simple. Just go for it. You won't regret."

Anonymous: "Interesting methods of memory recalling and retrieval."

LCP Muhammad Farid Bin Kamalludin: "It is a good workshop to attend."

LCP Muhammad Saifullah Bin Jumari: "Very interesting, engaging, humourous and useful. Acquire an important life long skill within only 1 session."

Anonymous: "A very good introduction to basic techniques."

LCP Sim Ye Jun Andy: "It is quite useful and incredible."

Anonymous: "Some useful skills."

Anonymous: "It is worth the time."

PTE Lee Chieh Loong Shawn: "Excellent and engaging. Interesting and useful workshop."

PTE Nashrul Shan Bin Mohamad Fasaharazni: "It is very entertaining and very useful. It is a life skill which will help not only for exams but also in the future."

Anonymous: "Really interesting and helpful. Memory empowerment is an important skill to have to excel."

  ~ end ~