Improve Your Memory Power in One Session

  Testimonials from One&Only Maldives at Reethi Rah (2007)

Hussain Afeef, Assistant Manager, Training & Quality Assurance:
“Learned many skills on remembering things which I can use during my training. It's good to attend this workshop.”

Charito P. Serrano, Executive Assistant to General Manager:
“Fantastic! More exercises please... A very helpful tool to fight 'forgetfulness' amidst the stressful yet challenging working environment.”

Suna Nasrulla Hameed, Coordinator, Training & Quality Assurance:
“Was very helpful in improving the memory. Learned a lot of new techniques and gained awareness. Definitely a way to improve memory.”

Abdul Majid, Yacht Crew:
“This workshop is very nice and I learn many things. I would like to say that this workshop is very important for everyone.”

Ahmed Mustafa, Receptionist:
“It helps. Lots of techniques to improve memory skills. It is great to improve your memory skill.”

Barbara Polydor, Guest Relations Assistant:
“It gives very good techniques for remembering & very useful to apply in work place.”

Ali Shafeeq, Golf Cart Coordinator:
“I hope to see you again. Same place. It is a very interesting and help memory improvement.”

Ishaq Ahmed, Housekeeping Administrator:
“It really helps us. It takes out so many things from inside our brain.”

Anu Sivram, Spa Therapist / Receptionist:
“Good, I have been motivated a lot. I even started to practise it once the class ended at the first session. It is an interesting class. It helps you to remember a lot of things.”

Angeline E Pagui-En, Restaurant Hostess:
“Thanks a lot! Very helpful. I'll definitely share the techniques that you taught with others.”

Nabeel Ali, Restaurant Waiter:
“Interesting, something good to know about. Had a good time and at the same time enjoyed.”

Hassan Zamir, Restaurant Waiter: :
“I would like to say that this workshop was fantastic and very profitable. I really enjoyed. I'm wanting for more classes from you. I will tell others the importance of this workshop.”

Rhosy Lynn P Villavilla, Restaurant Hostess:
“Workshop was excellent based on your class participation because we had frequently asked questions. I will tell others to visit your website.”

Mohamed Hafiz, F & B Villa Dining:
“It is great. Very interesting, I know how to learn and how to memorise.”

Grace Tjie, F & B Hostess:
“Very useful information. Enjoyable (funny) presentation. It's a discovery / breakthrough.”

Catriana Louis, Order Taker - Rooms Service:
“I would like to say 'Thank you'. Your class was very interesting & I'm sure it will help me a lot in my daily life. I will tell others that they have to attend this workshop because it is really a 'MUST'.”

Aishath Rashfa Ilyas, Villa Host Coordinator:
“Very helpful to improve memory. Best way to improve your memory.”

Obayedur Rahman, Villa Host:
“Trainer is interesting. Effective training for students.”

Himal Gurung, Villa Host:
“Wonderful & precious. Very helpful to increase your memory power.”

Cristina Fulgencio, Villa Host:
“Very useful. Applicable to my job and future. If you want to discover yourself that you have undiscovered memory power, attend MrDavid Kee's Memory workshop. Very useful.”

Ameen Ahmed, Villa Host:
“Very good. Different from other workshops.”

Vivek Jauhari, Butler:
“Enhance work experience. Fun.”

Didi Supriatra, Boutique:

Jemma Santos - Cortiguierra, F & B Secretary:
“Very Good. Knowledgeable, you must try it.”

Aishath Ashfa Haneef aka Awwa, F & B Hostess:
“It is very interesting. You are a very brilliant person. I'm very glad to meet you. I would give your mail ID to my friends.”

Alex, Restaurant Hostess:
“Develop and improve memory.”

Neeraj Raj, F & B Service:
“It was a great experience and certainly I have seen improvement in my memory skill.”

Moosa Shamoon, F & B Waiter:
“It is very good and helpful workshop to remembering things and also very enjoyable.”

Vima Cheerkootowa, Guest Services:
“Very good - helpful - as I am very absent-minded. (But too short period) at least some more days.”

Aishath Sithuna, Kids Club Coordinator:
“It is a great help. It will really help to make you have a good memory.”

Ali Najeeb, Restaurant Waiter:
“Very Good.”

Samantha Fonseka, F & B Bartender:
“I would like to share this with my parents. Very Good.”

Waheedulla Khan, Pool Concierge:
“Fabulous. Easy techniques to improve our skill on memory. It's an excellent class, wow.”

Azmeen Ahmed, F & B Waiter:
“I would like to say that this workshop is useful and helpful. Let's join the workshop and make your mind great. It is very enjoyable.”

Ali Waheed, F & B Waiter:
“Short time to teach many things but you did well.”

Rachel Malapit, Senior Call Centre Assistant:
“The training should be much longer & have some more practices. The training is very effective & will surely help in our day to day activities.”

Ali Nihreer, F & B Service:
“This workshop is very interesting and very helpful for us to develop our memory to remember. Thank you so much. This workshop is an excellent one to attend.”

Abhie A Sarmiento, Restaurant Waiter:
“I learn a lot! Thanks! Try to join this workshop and you will learn new ideas.”

Mohamed Hameed, Villa Dining:
“It was very good. Really interesting. It will help prevent forgetting.”

Fathimath Shana, Villa Dining:
“Really very interesting. Want to spend more time. It would be great if we can get some more training like this. Best tips that you can get to improve your memory and quite useful.”

  ~ end ~