Improve Your Memory Power in One Session

  Testimonials from Dunearn Secondary School Graduating Students





“It is excellent as it teaches us some of the skills that can be applied when we are studying.”

Lee Hui Ling:
“I am able to improve my memory system better by using the SIRFEES method to strengthen my imagination skills.”

Toh Jing Gal: “Great teacher! It helps me a lot !!!!”

Yong Pei Chien: “Creative.”

Woon Yeow Chong: “- very interesting - funny.”

Chua Chong Yee:
“It was a pleasure attending this workshop.”

William Lee:
“Very interesting. Short and not long-winded (presentation).”

Kou Jac Hung:
“It really helps me to memorise things better.”

Chew Kiat Heong:
“Quite effective at memorizing stuff in a short amount of time.”

Lee Chun Yu:
“It is very interesting and I have learnt new techniques.”

Anthea Zhou Liyi:
“Quite interesting. The memory skills are really helpful.”

“Very organized. Interesting and not boring.”

Jonathan Poh Lin:
“Very Interesting.”

Yeh Hui Teeng:
“It is quite useful.”


Eleazar Lim:
“The workshop is good.”

Ong Rui Ting:

Darius Lam:
“It is quite entertaining, good and fun to learn. Like literature!”

Benedict Lim:
“Very educational, very interesting.”

Andrew Tan:
“Very useful.”

Toh Zheng Mou:
“Help me easier to memorise.”

Au Jun Swee:
“More workshops.”

Allen Wu:
“It is very benefiting and it stirred an interest and a different perspective of memorizing those boring facts in books.”

Poh Sheng Yum:
“It is very fun and interesting and helpful to my work as most of it requires memory work.”

Dennis Yeo:
“It is very useful and effective. It taught me principles of having a good memory system. I also learnt special features such as mental filing.”

Lit Jun Hao:
“It is fun and I have learnt a lot of skills in memory.”

Ang Soon Yang:
“- Very fluent speaker. - time spent wisely.”

Chok Kebu Christopher:
“Enriching, fun and entertaining. Time was just right. Greater participation from the rest would have made the workshop more fun. Overall, I did learn new things.”

Ng Sei Li:
“Very patience and dedicated instructor. Teaches very well.”

Edwin Khoo:
“I am able to learn quite a few method of remembering fact, information and even English words which I found difficult to remember. It is fun as well.”

Jethro Xu Haoke:
“Very helpful and student-friendly, making it easier for students to pick up the skills taught.”

Ong Li Ting:
“Patience and teach seriously.”

Deborah Lin:
“It is an interesting way to train our memory. A totally new approach for us. It was very fun.”

Seetoh Ping Boon:
“Interesting and enriching course.”

“It is useful. These memory skills will come in handy when I study.”

Mohd Faizal:
“It is very interesting and fun. It is also useful.”

Tan Chin Tiong:
“It is very fun, interesting and enjoyable. I learnt quite a lot of things from this workshop. They could come in handy in the future.”

Mohd Ferooz Bin Mohd Fauzi
“It is an interesting and a mind enriching course.”

“It is very interesting and entertaining. This stuff I learnt might come in handy in life.”

Goh Wei Koon:
“The programme gave me a lot of tips to remember more things.”

Lim Wei Liang:
“More test would be better for us to further test our memory skills.”

Marcus Lee:
“Very informative and interesting. I have learnt many new memory skills.”

Muhd Faiz Bin Hamdas:
“It is effective.”

Chia Wei Chong Kenneth:
“Quite nice and creative.”

Yazid Bin Ahmad:
“It is effective in enhancing my memory skills and improving my vocabulary.”

Meike Nazaki Lim:
“It is very good in helping us memorizing our lesson.”

Noor Ryfana:
“It is effective and helps me prepare for my ‘O’ Levels. Keep it up!”

Khairul Anuar:

Muhd Afiq:
“Useful for studies.”

“It is very useful.”

“Very effective in helping to memorise details.”

Shawn Goh:
“I feel that it is very useful to us.”

Ang Wei Kiat:
“Ok only. Funny way of remembering.”

Tan Shin Ching:
“Very good! I would recommend it to the next batch of students in Dunearn. I suggest a longer duration as I feel it is insufficient.”

“Very well done. Enjoy it a lot. Learnt a lot of things. I would recommend it for the next year batch.”

Jeremy Woo:
“Very interesting with an enriching experience gained from workshop would benefit all.”

Norashikin Jaffar:
“I really enjoy the workshop.”

Nurul Nadiah:
“Longer the period.”

Siti Saiwa:
“It's really fun.”

“Very good. I didn’t know I can use the methods I’ve leant in my study..”

Muhammad Riduwa:
“It is fun and exciting.”

Ang Heng Seng:
“It is quite useful and interesting.”

Hong Siong Ling:
“Enjoyable. Useful.”

Phua Yongen:
“Very useful.”

“It was a fun and exciting experience. I’ve leant a lot of things and my memory system has improved tremendously. I would definitely recommend this workshop to others.”

Phang Zong Sheng:
“Quite beneficial.”

Shahiah Noreen Binte Rusli:
“It is fun and exciting with a very funny and dramatic lecturer. Now I realize I have a very good memory.”

Ng Yong Yuo:
“Very interesting and useful. Help a lot for me and I can memorise more easily.”

Au Lik Hong:
“Very useful for students.”

Dasmin Ong:

Liu Si Ting:
“Very Good.”

Jordus Lim:
“-Great teacher. - very useful.”

Glenn Low:
“Very Good.”

Nison Chan:
“Leant how to memorise very easily.”

Nicholas Siew:
“Very useful.”

Stella Lin:

Desmond Cheng:
“Good Workshop.”

Henry Lee:
“I learn a lot of thing. It is useful.”

Nicholas Tan:
“Interesting and fun.”

Andrew Fang:
“Educational and interesting.”

Loh Yu Min:
“Interesting. Something different.”


Cheng Jee Fong Maple: “Wonderful! The speaker was well-prepared and provided me with
whatever I want to know. This workshop is interesting and can definitely show visible results.”

Chong Ning Yun: “Build your confidence and help you study better and faster.”

Chua Pei Xuan: “Very fun. Very interesting. Very relevant. It really enhances memory and it is very interesting.”

Gladys Jeow JiaXiu: “It is useful as it can really help in your memorizing skills, especially for absent-minded people like me.”

Hany Jap: “Speaker very nice! J Very useful! Fun! Exciting! 'Undescribable'!”

Huang Yingwen: “Rather useful. Should give more practices. The workshop is interesting, useful and you will definitely enjoy it.”

Lee Sok Hiang: “Memory learning needs imagination.”

Ng Geok Li: “The speaker explains clearly and well. It is interesting.”

Ng Siew Hwee: “It is very interesting and useful. It is quite useful in our studies and it is fun.”

Nur Syafiqah Bte Abdul Rahman: “Very effective! Able to see results quickly! A very useful skill to learn…”

Shameera: “Teach more ways in which we can use these methods especially for content subjects, i.e. science, math. I would say that the workshop is very useful and that I feel as though I can improve my English with the SIRFEES method.”

Serene Peh: “It is very effective on remembering things in a shorter time.”

Shen Yuan Yuan: “It is useful and easy to learn.”

Shum Qin Lei: “It is quite useful and interesting.”

Sim Qiao Ling: “This workshop is useful.”

Tan Ai Wei Christina: “This workshop is effective and interesting.”

Tan Jia Ying: “It is very interesting and useful to me. It is really fun and memorizing in a short time is possible.”

Kelly Tan: “It’s very useful and the learning process is very fun and enjoyable.”

Tan Seow Huan: “Very interesting. Some methods are really useful. This can help to improve your memory skills and you will certainly enjoy it.”

Yeo Geok Sui: “I would encourage others to attend the workshop for better memory.”

Alexander K: “It’s quite exciting and fun. It will help.”

Cheng Sin Hoe: “It’s very useful and interesting. It’s also easy to learn. Help a lot in everyday life.”

Alvin Chua: “Very beneficial. Tips given can help me in my daily activities and studies. It is self-explanatory after attending the half-day session.”

David Lim: “Quite interesting.”

Daniel Lim: “Vocabulary 'thingy' seems very interesting. I would recommend this workshop to those who are interested in self-improvement”

Lim Ming Long: “This workshop helps.”

Benjamin Lim: “It teaches how to train the memory. It is good.”

Liu Jia Wei: “I have learnt a lot through this workshop.”

Quek Hong Yi Bernard: “Memorising facts is made easier.”

Tan Jun Jie, Jordan: “It is very good if you wish to memorize facts in a very short time. Get to learn a lot of things.”

Tan Kai Wei: “I learnt a lot of memory skills that can be readily used in my daily life. Learn how to curb absent-mindedness in an interesting way.”

Verne: “It is useful in some ways. It is good, go.”

Woon Bi Wei: “Helps me in my memory. The workshop helps in your studies.”

Yap Shao Jie: “The workshop offers an insight of how our memory works! Don’t forget to sign up now.”

A Sowmya: “It’s very useful, lively, interesting and fun. The skills are expressed in a way that we can understand easily. I think each and everyone of us should have a good memory. To do that I will recommend them to attend this workshop.”

Bay Wan Ting: “The duration of the workshop can be longer so that we can learn more about memory tips. You will never say you have poor memory.”

Clare Chew: “It’s useful in memorizing. It is interesting and it trains your brain.”

Vina Chia: “It is very interesting and it will help you a lot on your work or studies.”

Jeraine Foong: “It is useful in memorizing. It is very useful and interesting.”

Jody Foo: “It is very interesting and entertaining. Very curious to know what more you have to offer. I would say that this would be of good help in school and would be good for people our age (16 yrs).”

Sandra Ling Pei Yu: “I enjoy the workshop a lot. It is fun. I learn a lot of the skill of memorizing and some vocabulary. Thanks Mr Kee! This workshop is fun and help me to improve my memory.”

Nur Fatin Diyan: “This is very good.”

Phoon Phui Shan: “The workshop is fun and exciting. It enables me to remember things better. The workshop benefits everyone. It is fun and enjoyable. We are able to learn in a fun environment.”

Phua Yong Bing: “Need more time because it is fun and enjoyable. Nice, interesting, worth going for, not to be missed.”

Bindy Poh: “It’s interesting! It will be beneficial for you.”

Toh Huiyi: “It is interesting and helps a lot if you understand what he is saying.”

Teo Wenjia: “The speaker is humorous and he encourages us to talk. Not many teachers or speakers do that. Want to improve your memory? Go to KEE Learning.”

Toh Chai Leng: “The workshop is useful for all ages as this is the basic skills and is helpful in many ways. The speaker speaks clearly and explains the purpose of the workshop. The skills and techniques are easily acquired and useful.”

Yeo Si Hui: “Very interesting, allow me to know more memory technique and learn how to apply them.”

Chen Si Jin: “I feel that the workshop is quite fun but not easy.”

Chua Hon Jin: “Very useful and interesting. You must attend this course if not you will regret it.”

Ho Weng Fai: “I would join them all if they were free. It makes their lives more meaningful.”

Ho Yik Cheung: “It is interesting.”

Howard Ko Hao Ren: “Go for it, it’s great!”

Jacky Tan: “This workshop is very good, it helps us to improve our memory.”

Joseph Yon: “It’s useful.”

Mohamed Izhar: “I am very satisfied with what I have learnt and Mr Kee is very fun to work with. It is very useful.”

Joel Ng: “Quite a good workshop with laughter not to make us feel bored. I would say that the course helped me in knowing how to remember my things or studies in a easier and better way.”

Poon Keng Kiang: “Very good. Suitable for all students. Go attend it, you will sure learn something from it.”

Quek Qin Yuan: “More of this workshop. This workshop is very interesting. Die Die must attend.”

Raji Mudd Shahril: “It is very interesting and very enriching. The instructor was very good. It would help you in the long run.”

Rani Hairyawan: “A good and enjoyable workshop. It will serve a very good purpose to others and would be very beneficial to others who have an interest in it.”

Tan Kok Hui: “More workshop. The workshop is very interesting.”

Tay Ying Fan: “Workshop is useful and I learnt a lot of skills. This workshop is extremely useful and you will learn a lot from it.”

Adeline Ang: “It is very useful.

Chan Jia Ying: “It is useful.”

Crystal Chiew: “It’s quite good as it helps me to remember things quickly.”

Elaine Toh: “Useful and helpful.”

Kiong Xin Hui: “Help you to remember things better and easier.”

Lee Wan Zhen: “It is very useful.”

Ng Yuting: “It is very useful.”

Ong Zhiyun: “It helps to improve your memory in some ways or another.”

Vivien Goh Hui Mian: “It helps me a lot.”

Abdul Fareez: “It’s very effective.”

Fahrun Anderson: “Good! (Thumbs Up).”

Naziq: “The skills are very helpful for our studies. You can improve your memory in this course.”

James Lim: “It’s good and effective.”

Kevin Wong Jun Jie: “This workshop will benefit you. Go, go, go, go… Don’t think, just go.”

Darryl Lee Wei Yu: “Very enriching. Increased my memory by 4X.”

Kenneth Lew: “Conduct more of this workshop. It is useful and benefit the student.”

Justin Lim Wei Yang: “Very interesting. Enriching. Love it. Good! Just go! Don’t think about it.”

Lim Yu Xiong: “It will seriously benefit ourselves.”

Loi Tai Koon: “Very good, the more the better.”

Denzel Lok: “Quite unusual methods to memorise things.”

Nasri: “Helpful and interesting. Cool Stuff!”

Fandy Ahmad: “Very fun and hilarious. Helpful too!!! I can make use of my memory. It’s fun and not boring.”

Mudd Hafiz: “Very fun and interesting. Learn a lot of fun new stuff.”

Muhammad Muzhaffar: “Good. Very Good. Very Good indeed. Go oi ! Improve your memory.”

Ng Shiwei: “Very interesting.”

Tan Jun Hao: “It is amazing!”

Aaron Teo: “I learnt may things in a short time.”

Ryan Yeo: “Very educational and enriching. It is a very useful and effective workshop.”

Melvin Yong: “Try this workshop, it improves your memory power.”

Amanda Choy: “It’s great, and it’s beneficial”

Adeline Goh: “It’s very good. It’s very beneficial.”

Soleha: “It helps in not only memorizing but in school studies. (Daily work)”

Melody Kim Yu Bin: “Excellent workshop. See immediate improvements. Very useful and interesting.”

Koh Hui Jun: “This workshop helps me a lot in memorizing things.”

Lim Yi Jie: “It is very useful and can be used in our daily lives. E.g. studying, working. It improves skills of memorizing. Aids in studying.”

Ma Weiying: “The lecturer is friendly and the workshop is very good and really improve my memory. It really helps!”

Nina Syahira: “Extremely beneficial.”

Nur Afiqah: “It’s beneficial and I find that I can apply the skills in my studies. I would say that it is effective and I can see improvement in my memory skills.”

Peck En Ping: “It helps … It’s fun….”

Sen Lin Hui: “It gives me many alternative of memory improvement which I can apply it on my studies. I would tell other that they will not need to fret about memorizing vocabs or other important things if they learn to improve memory skills in this workshop.”

Yan Chui Mei: “It is very useful.”

Yen Qiu Mei: “This workshop is really effective.”

Boo Jon You: “Very good, Very effective.”

Cheah Ka Weng: “If you have poor memory, I would recommend this workshop to you.”

Nelson Chong: “Doubled my memory power in under 30 minutes. Unleash your potential through this workshop.”

Joey Lai Chun Wah: “Very useful. It will help a lot.”

Vincent Lim: “You can improve your memory skills.”

Muhammad Helmi: “It’s very entertaining and very effective. I feel that I did not waste my money on this. It is very good and very effective. Worth the time and money.”

Muhd Idham: “Quite useful for studying. Helps us memorise things effectively.”

Muhammad Nur Ariff: “It’s good.”

Muhd Shazwan bin Mohd Hafiz: “It is exciting. This workshop is enriching and fun.”

Muhd Zainuddin: “Very useful and informative. Can help in daily life and studies.”

Alvin Ng: “Quite useful. Improvements can be seen.”

Noor Fahmie B. Mahadi: “The memory techniques that are being taught shows instant result. It will help you realize your memory skills.”

Noraidil Sufyan: “Very useful and fun. Learnt a lot of skills which is interesting and easy to use in my daily life.”

Ong Ren Yen: “It helps you to remember things.”

Shermen Toh: “Enriching.”

Soh Jun Hao: “Help you know something that you didn’t realise.”

Wesley Tan: “Interesting. Useful.”

Xu Weijie: “This course is useful and interesting.”

Zulfadhli Fahim: “Very good and effective. It is very effective and can be applied to our daily lives.”

Yvonne Chan: “Interesting.”

Jasmine Chua: “This workshop is meaningful!”

Bernice Gwee: “Interesting. Very useful.”

Hizwani Hasni: “Helps you in your studies. Theory based.”

Ng Qing Wen: “This workshop is excellent!”

Nur Illiyana: “I have learnt a lot of skills and this is very effective. Helps students motivate in their studies.”

Sheena Kaur Jaswal: “Success guaranteed.”

Krystle Siau: “Very interesting. This workshop is very fun and interesting.”

Siti Khatijah: “Good tips. Patient coach. You can improve your memory!”

Siti Munirah: “I have acquired new tips. Fun coach. It helps the students in their studies.”

Soh Kailin: “It’s interesting. Can learn much.”

Yap Ying Jie: “It’s excellent.”

Abu Huzaifah Bin Masnin: “Entertaining and I really learned a lot of techniques on memorizing. It is very reliable and meaningful.”

Dennis Ang: “It makes remembering things a lot easier.”

Vincent Chua: “Not bad. You would be able to learn many things.”

Ho Jing Wei Jonathan: “It is a great workshop.”

Kwong Chi Yeung: “The workshop is really useful.”

Bryan Lee: “It can improve your memory skills and to know how to apply.”

Alex Lee Yu Hong: “I love you Mr Kee. It was interesting and really fun. I would recommend this workshop to others. I would tell them to be attentive. The workshop is really useful. Appreciate it.”

Marcus Tan: “Not bad. Interesting.”

Md Zulhafiz: : “Learn a lot of things and especially when he said “welfare mah…. This workshop is damn good and useful.”

Muhd Feros: “A great workshop as it certainly would.”

Ng Ee Chen: “It helps on your memory skill and how to apply.”

Nurulhaq Md Aiman: “It is damn useful!! You want better memory? Join the club.”

Poh Sheng Sheng: “It helps a lot.”

Poh Wei Jie: “It is interesting. You might want to improve your memory, just like me.”

Qamarul Asyraf: “Very fluent. It helps your ability to survive in the world.”

Timothy Pang: “Interesting.”

Wong Wai Liang: “It will help you greatly for exams.”

Yeo Si Yuan: “Amazingly interesting workshop. The workshop will certainly boost your memory skills.”

Marilyn Chan: “Fun. Interesting. Helpful. It really helps.”

Rebecca Cheang Shu Qin: “The speaker English is good. Hmmmm… the workshop helps me to improve my memory better.”

Christina Ho: “Instructor speaks very clearly. Can remember many things.”

Lin SiSi: “Interesting and very useful to me! Once you attend this workshop, you will surely get to remember and learn the technique which is very useful!”

Mazuin Naz: “Interesting course. Would like to learn more out of your workshop. Can the school recommend all workshops before the start of ‘O’ levels? Paid via Edusave.”

Ng Yu Xian: “Can be able to memorise things easier and faster..”

Pei Chew Mui: “It improves my memory.”

Vivian Lwa: “I like this workshop. It helps to improve your memory.”

Jancis Yap: “Very interesting.”

Ahmad Ridzwan “Very useful for my studies and my own knowledge. The teacher talks well and understandable.”

Ben Cai Jian Xiong: “Interesting. Interactive. If you would like to lessen your memory burden, you can join this workshop.”

Choi Wen Long: “Too short. It is useful. I learnt some skills that can help me with my work.”

Andy Eu: “It is a good workshop that can learn a lot and have fun.”

Kong Cheng Feng: “It’s quite useful in real life.”

Law Yong Jan: “Interesting, Fun. It is useful. Confirm, sure got learn something.”

Lim Chong Wei: “Can improve memory.”

Mohammad Firdaus: “It is very interesting and very useful.”

Muhammad Hafiz Bin Mamat: “It is very good. Can improve your memory and not giving excuses such as absent-minded.”

Md Khairi: “Very good, can improve my memory skills and will help me improve my studies. I would say that it can improve the memory skills of a person and it works.”

Ong Kee Yong: “It improves your memory very much. It will help you on your daily life and study.”

Tan Jian Hui: “A bit too long. However, I would still recommend this workshop to others because I have learnt a lot of things and improve my memory skill.”

Tay Jie Sheng: “Interesting. This workshop is interesting and can learn a lot of new things.”

Tay Jie Yu: “It is useful, it will be your loss if you do not attend.”

Heng Li Han: “It is good for you.”

Ricky Chew Jun Hong: “Great. It would help you to remember things better.”

Tan Jun Xian: “Very useful. Easier way to learn difficult vocabulary.”

Tan Jun Lun: “Good for those who have poor memory.”

Wong Ser Yuan: “Interesting and helpful workshop.”

Candy Foo Bee Hwa: “It benefit a lot whenever attend it / be it the first time or second time.”


Alfie Farhana Bte Mohamed: “Interesting and useful. You can memorize things easily without having to crack your head so much when doing a test.”

Lim Hong Hao: “It is very good, too good until no comments. You must try no matter what, it is very good.”

Cassandra Chan: “It was entertaining and useful. I’ve learned many skills to help me in my ‘O’ level. It was a very productive workshop and I managed to pick up many good and essential skills to help improve my memory. It was utterly painless, much in contrast to how most of us memorize things.”

Carol Chin: “Quite interesting. I’m sure I can apply what learn.”

Chioh Pei Rong: “A memorable experience.”

Elicia Lim Ye Qing: “This workshop will help you to improve your memory.”

Eng Boon Ling: “It will teach you some skills that would help you in remembering important things.”

Foo Hui Ting: “Improve my memory skills.”

Ho Yi Xin: “Rather useful.”

Pei Yi Rui: “It is interesting and creative”

Tan Ying Lin: “This is a very enriching workshop which will help you in increasing your memory and thus able to help you in the future.”

Teow Lyndia: “Helpful for exams.”

Vivie: “The workshop is useful and can help you in your studies.”

Ang Wei Li: “I would say it benefited me a lot and it is useful.”

Girish Anand Pujar: “It is very helpful.”

Desmond Heng: “It is very interesting and useful. How you can improve the speed of memorizing, way of studying.”

John Lee: “It is an interesting workshop which does help to boost the memory power.”

Lee Yanru: “This is quite a good workshop as it really teaches us how to remember things better which can be applied to our real life.”

Ryan Zachary Sim: “Interesting skills to be learnt.”

Siow Yong Yao: “This workshop is really interesting. It helps you to create many funny, ridiculous story that you could say to your friends.”

Tang Yong Sheng: “This course teaches us many new skills and allows us to be able to use the skills on everyday life.”

Teo jin Wee: “It is interesting and beneficial. Join it.”

Wong Dong Sheng: “This workshop is useful for our work regardless of whether you are a student or working people.”

Wu Jun Jie Benjamin: “Enriching; good boost for memory.”

Yeow Bok Seng: “I would like to have more skills and activities involved especially for spelling. Good skill to learn for a life time”

Guan Kai Rou: “Help you to remember better.”

Lai Wen Yan: “Interesting. Worthwhile.”

Lee Ya Ling Vivian: “It helps you improve your memory skills and is really worth to spend money on the workshop.”

Charlotte Lim See Ying: “It is a good workshop that really helps you in remembering things better.”

Madeline Kho Chien Vun: “Very interesting & helpful.”

Audrey Ooi: “I have learnt a lot of different memory skills so I could remember more things in future.”

Tan Pei Ni: “Helps in both studies and future use, very useful methods and ways to remember things.”

Tan Zhen Zhi: “It allows you to have a better grip in remembering things especially for students like us when we face problems memorizing words.”

Teenajit Kaur: “It would help you improve your memory skills and you will learn better.”

Toh Si Hui: “It will help you to improve your memory, quite interesting.”

Calvin Chia: “It is good and useful.”

Alan Choo Wei Loong: “It is innovative, funny and fun. It is worth attending this memory skill workshop.”

Chua Fu Qin: “The workshop allows me to remember more things.”

Danial Irsyaduddin B Kassim: “Interesting presentation, clear explanation. It is an interesting and efficient way of learning”

Kelvin Lim: “Very interesting. The memory skill workshop is superb!”

Julius Tjong: “This workshop is extremely useful, especially for students who have difficulties in their studies, especially in memory work.”

Liu Yuhao: “It can help us remember things better.”

Justin Lok: “It gives valuable tips on how to improve your memory. It is quite simple.”

Joash Phoon: “Marvellous! It is useful and could train your brain.”

Seow Yun Ye: “It help us make use of our memory.”

Koh En Xuan: “This workshop would give you the basic skills in learning to memorize more efficiently.”

Tung Wern Dheng: “Nice workshop but just a little bit easy to get distracted by other things. Quite interesting.”

Tan Yuan Chuan: “The workshop is enriching ?. Confirm, 100% guarantee, signature, plus approval, LOL, will improve our memory .”

Tan Wei Zhi: “The workshop is great! I’d encourage others if they don’t agree with me.”

Sarah Cheong: “Good memory skills. Very useful.”

Neo Wei Qian: “It is very interesting ?”

Clarinda Seah: “Useful.”

Shen Li Ting: “It is a refreshing and fun workshop!”

Yeo Chai Yi: “Amazing memory skills. Very useful.”

Ryan Chan: “No regrets guaranteed!”

Darren Ong: “Very informative & effective. Good course worth attending. Will help to improve our thinking skills.”

Muhammad Danial Afiq: “Helps us learn new technique to memorize.”

Sng Yee Hwui: “Benefited very much… I’d tell others how the workshop goes and the knowledge and skills that will be acquired.”

Song Yu Xuan: “Very useful.”

Daniel Tham: “This workshop will improve your memory drastically.”

Gabriel Yang: “It is good. It really helps in remembering stuff.”

Chong Siew Yee: “It is good and easy to understand.”

Constance Toh Kai Ting: “It was very good. I had fun learning the techniques. The learning process would be more conducive if the “worst’ students were dismissed away.”

Deeviya: “It is very productive and helpful in a lot of ways.”

Ng Chu Jun: “It is good! ?”

Nur Liyana Bte Ramlan: “I’ll give the workshop’s contact number to my friends and ask whether they want to attend with me.”

Pan Pei Qi: “It is good!”

Feng Xin: “It is very helpful. It will help you in remembering words.”

Huang Po Yi: “Very Good. I benefited from it. The workshop helps to increase my memory skills.”

Joel Lim: “It is good.”

Johnson: “Very good as I have learnt many methods in memory skills. The workshop is very useful in memorizing skills.”

Lim Jian Xiang: “The speaker speaks very clearly. This is an entertaining workshop.”

Lim Wei Quan: “I will tell other that this workshop is good.”

Muhammad Afiq: “It is nice and it will work but I am actually used to simple linear notes.”

Ng Wei Xuan: “This is an entertaining workshop.”

Ivan Hartono Nugroho Tjoa: "Very nice workshop as I learned a lot in memorizing things and discovered new ways to memorize without having to use repetition. It is one experience you should have because not everyone could have this technique and it is very useful in everyday life."

Callista Fu: “It helps to train your memory.”

Gan Li Ting Yvonne: “Effective.”

Nur Sakinah Bte Yusof: "It really helps me a lot."

Ong Yu Jia: "Effective!"

Panjala Sharanya: "It will benefit you."

Stephanie Lim Thung Yuen: "Quite alright but our attention span is very short. It works."

Stephanie Lim Wan Ting: "It is an interesting experience."

Yong Luo Shi: "It can help us to improve our memory."

Yuen Hui Min Adeline: "It is really nice, no regret!"

Yun Si Min: "Bravo!"

Gabriel Lee Jun Jie: "It really helps."

Koh Yong Sheng: "It would be better if this workshop is not a compulsory workshop so that only those who are really interested will join. This workshop really is good and it helps."

Muhammad Qhasmeer B Jamil: "Can help them memorize faster."

Muhammad Zulfiqar B Ibrahim: "I think you should get a partnership with other people to expand your business. Come to improve your mindpower !!!!!!!"

Tan Du Wei Marcus: "It is very good, tell them about how I improve."

Eddy Yee Shai Yang: "Skills are easy to be picked up and info given are useful."

Zulkifli B Hassan: "It is good. Eh join leh! It is motivating. It's good."

Manese Ronamie Anne: “It can help me especially on my studies. It’s also a very interesting workshop. The trainer is also friendly and active. I would tell others that this workshop would help them not only in their studies but also for their daily lives.”

Glenn Song Heng An: “It is very good for us students. The duration should have been longer.”

Emily Ang: “The speaker gets all of us to be involved. It helps me to memorize things easily.”

Catherine Chua: “The trainer made the lesson interesting.”

Gan Shing Ling: “It helps.”

Hoh Siok Ming: “I would recommend others to take part and experience it”

Lee Si Rong: “Able to learn something useful.”

Lim Yeat Luan, Victoria: “It helps to improve our memory and improve our knowledge. Easy to learn and apply.”

Merina Ng: “Can help to apply in my studies such as humanities and science. Will help to boost your memory skill.”

Ng Xue Ling: “Helps us to increase our memory skill and let us remember more things so that it will benefit us. Able to learn more useful things.”

Quek Yi Ling: “It improve your memory skills.”

Iris Tan: “It is enjoyable and the teaching method is interesting.”

Yap Jin Pei Yuki: “I hope the workshop can be longer so that I can learn more techniques. It is very useful.”

Ang Wan Jin: “Very good and useful but the duration is too short. It is a good learning experience.”

Brenden Chan: “Very useful. Interesting and useful workshop.”

Gan Zi Yuan: “It is good.”

Goh Eng Chi: “The session is useful and tips are also useful to me. It helps me to remember notes for my other subjects better.”

Shawn Ng: “It is very useful. I will tell others that it is very useful as it helps us a lot in our school life.”

Poh Jian Qiang: “It is quite interesting. It keeps me feel interested throughout the whole lesson and I have learnt a lot of memory skills. This workshop would greatly benefit anyone who wishes to improve their memory skills.”

Joel Shing: “Interesting and mind challenging. It is a good learning experience.”

Sim Shu Zeng: “Everything is useful although some parts I had learnt before and the time is too short. It is enjoyable, fun and most of all, you will get something out of it.”

Nor Karmilah Bte Mohamed: “Very good and enjoying. Wish there are more workshop like this one for us. It is very useful for our daily life. Both in school life or working.”

Aris Qurratu Aini: “It is very useful.”

Nuranisa Bte Mohamad Sani: “Recommend it again next time. The workshop is interesting and very good for our education.”

Chong Sin Ee: “Bravo, cool, shiok ah, fun, I’m loving it. It will improve your memory.”

Jeremy Kwek: “It was good and the lesson was interesting. It is helpful and it helps me remember things.”

Leow Wei Lin: “It benefits those who attend. Must attend this workshop, it will benefit you.”

Mohamed Ressal: “It is beneficial as we now are aware of different methods of memorizing.”

Muhammad Fahamin: “The guy is very organised.”

Muhammad Husni: “Longer period. It is worthwhile and useful.”

Muhammad Shafi: “The guy is very good and the course is useful.”

Muhammad Sufian: “The guy is very organised.”

Solomon Chong: “Ok. Next year must be even longer. It is good for them.”

Suhazli B Wahab: “Very good and useful. This workshop enables us to memorize things better.”


  ~ end ~