Improve Your Memory Power in One Session

  Testimonials from Dunearn Secondary School Graduating Students (2005)

“It is excellent as it teaches us some of the skills that can be applied when we are studying.”

Lee Hui Ling:
“I am able to improve my memory system better by using the SIRFEES method to strengthen my imagination skills.”

Toh Jing Gal: “Great teacher! It helps me a lot !!!!”

Yong Pei Chien: “Creative.”

Woon Yeow Chong: “- very interesting - funny.”

Chua Chong Yee:
“It was a pleasure attending this workshop.”

William Lee:
“Very interesting. Short and not long-winded (presentation).”

Kou Jac Hung:
“It really helps me to memorise things better.”

Chew Kiat Heong:
“Quite effective at memorizing stuff in a short amount of time.”

Lee Chun Yu:
“It is very interesting and I have learnt new techniques.”

Anthea Zhou Liyi:
“Quite interesting. The memory skills are really helpful.”

“Very organized. Interesting and not boring.”

Jonathan Poh Lin:
“Very Interesting.”

Yeh Hui Teeng:
“It is quite useful.”


Eleazar Lim:
“The workshop is good.”

Ong Rui Ting:

Darius Lam:
“It is quite entertaining, good and fun to learn. Like literature!”

Benedict Lim:
“Very educational, very interesting.”

Andrew Tan:
“Very useful.”

Toh Zheng Mou:
“Help me easier to memorise.”

Au Jun Swee:
“More workshops.”

Allen Wu:
“It is very benefiting and it stirred an interest and a different perspective of memorizing those boring facts in books.”

Poh Sheng Yum:
“It is very fun and interesting and helpful to my work as most of it requires memory work.”

Dennis Yeo:
“It is very useful and effective. It taught me principles of having a good memory system. I also learnt special features such as mental filing.”

Lit Jun Hao:
“It is fun and I have learnt a lot of skills in memory.”

Ang Soon Yang:
“- Very fluent speaker. - time spent wisely.”

Chok Kebu Christopher:
“Enriching, fun and entertaining. Time was just right. Greater participation from the rest would have made the workshop more fun. Overall, I did learn new things.”

Ng Sei Li:
“Very patience and dedicated instructor. Teaches very well.”

Edwin Khoo:
“I am able to learn quite a few method of remembering fact, information and even English words which I found difficult to remember. It is fun as well.”

Jethro Xu Haoke:
“Very helpful and student-friendly, making it easier for students to pick up the skills taught.”

Ong Li Ting:
“Patience and teach seriously.”

Deborah Lin:
“It is an interesting way to train our memory. A totally new approach for us. It was very fun.”

Seetoh Ping Boon:
“Interesting and enriching course.”

“It is useful. These memory skills will come in handy when I study.”

Mohd Faizal:
“It is very interesting and fun. It is also useful.”

Tan Chin Tiong:
“It is very fun, interesting and enjoyable. I learnt quite a lot of things from this workshop. They could come in handy in the future.”

Mohd Ferooz Bin Mohd Fauzi
“It is an interesting and a mind enriching course.”

“It is very interesting and entertaining. This stuff I learnt might come in handy in life.”

Goh Wei Koon:
“The programme gave me a lot of tips to remember more things.”

Lim Wei Liang:
“More test would be better for us to further test our memory skills.”

Marcus Lee:
“Very informative and interesting. I have learnt many new memory skills.”

Muhd Faiz Bin Hamdas:
“It is effective.”

Chia Wei Chong Kenneth:
“Quite nice and creative.”

Yazid Bin Ahmad:
“It is effective in enhancing my memory skills and improving my vocabulary.”

Meike Nazaki Lim:
“It is very good in helping us memorizing our lesson.”

Noor Ryfana:
“It is effective and helps me prepare for my ‘O’ Levels. Keep it up!”

Khairul Anuar:

Muhd Afiq:
“Useful for studies.”

“It is very useful.”

“Very effective in helping to memorise details.”

Shawn Goh:
“I feel that it is very useful to us.”

Ang Wei Kiat:
“Ok only. Funny way of remembering.”

Tan Shin Ching:
“Very good! I would recommend it to the next batch of students in Dunearn. I suggest a longer duration as I feel it is insufficient.”

“Very well done. Enjoy it a lot. Learnt a lot of things. I would recommend it for the next year batch.”

Jeremy Woo:
“Very interesting with an enriching experience gained from workshop would benefit all.”

Norashikin Jaffar:
“I really enjoy the workshop.”

Nurul Nadiah:
“Longer the period.”

Siti Saiwa:
“It's really fun.”

“Very good. I didn’t know I can use the methods I’ve leant in my study..”

Muhammad Riduwa:
“It is fun and exciting.”

Ang Heng Seng:
“It is quite useful and interesting.”

Hong Siong Ling:
“Enjoyable. Useful.”

Phua Yongen:
“Very useful.”

“It was a fun and exciting experience. I’ve leant a lot of things and my memory system has improved tremendously. I would definitely recommend this workshop to others.”

Phang Zong Sheng:
“Quite beneficial.”

Shahiah Noreen Binte Rusli:
“It is fun and exciting with a very funny and dramatic lecturer. Now I realize I have a very good memory.”

Ng Yong Yuo:
“Very interesting and useful. Help a lot for me and I can memorise more easily.”

Au Lik Hong:
“Very useful for students.”

Dasmin Ong:

Liu Si Ting:
“Very Good.”

Jordus Lim:
“-Great teacher. - very useful.”

Glenn Low:
“Very Good.”

Nison Chan:
“Leant how to memorise very easily.”

Nicholas Siew:
“Very useful.”

Stella Lin:

Desmond Cheng:
“Good Workshop.”

Henry Lee:
“I learn a lot of thing. It is useful.”

Nicholas Tan:
“Interesting and fun.”

Andrew Fang:
“Educational and interesting.”

Loh Yu Min:
“Interesting. Something different.”

  ~ end ~