Improve Your Memory Power in One Session

  Testimonials from Changi Maintenance Base @ Changi Naval Base (2009)

Alphonsus Chua, Naval Engineer: “Learnt enhancements to the use of 'association' and 'linking stories' and also new ways of remembering new vocab. Thank you. For those who wish to attend, make sure be prepared to pay attention throughout.”

Kee Siow Huang, Technician: “Enriching course. Able to recall memory using techniques. A good course to improve your memory. Memory can be trained.”

Alex Lim, Technician: “Learn to use our brain better and improve our memory.”

Chan Vee Kiet, Team Member: “Good. Guaranteed to improve your memory."

Tan Chee Wee, Naval Specialist: “It is an achievement for me to learn other techniques to my recalling of memory."

Leo Min Fah, Naval Specialist: “I would recommend this workshop to those who want to improve memory skills and how to use and apply it.”

Kelvin Tay, OD Specialist: “What is the point of forgetting things. Improve your memory with this course.”

Anonymous: “Short and useful. Helps to improve your memory in a very short time. Very useful pointers.”

Anonymous, Defence Executive Officer: “Very good workshop.”

Anonymous: “Attend this workshop if you really want to improve your memory and improve yourself.”

Thomas Toh: “Go learn the techniques.”

Toh Wei Seong: “Amazing result.”

Joanne Yap, Combat Technician: “It can help to improve our memory. It would be better if I have attended the full day course.”

Vincent Ong, Technician: “Continuous Learning, applicable in daily life.”

Kerin Chew, Civil Servant: “Basic memory improvement, good for normal daily usage.”

Kelvin Moh, Naval Specialist: “Interesting and rewarding. You will definitely improve on your memory work.”

Sim Choon Chai, Naval Technician: “Techniques introduced were very useful in remembering things.”

Anonymous: “It improves my memory.”

Anonymous, Navy: “Great learning tricks.”

Anonymous: “Enjoyable and easy to learn tools.”

Yvonne, Staff Officer: “Achieve its intent. At least learn some techniques to improve your memory.”

Anonymous: “Really does improve your memory!"

Anonymous: “Interesting. Lots of new techniques. Go for it. Everyone can use it."

Anonymous: “Enjoyed."

  ~ end ~