Improve Your Memory Power in One Session

  Testimonials from Chinese Development Assistant Council (Volunteers) (2012)

Tan Joo Kiat, Retireee: "Very impressive. I learnt lots. Really good techniques taught."

Tng Jia Hong, Programme Coordinator: "Trainer is very interesting & techniques taught are effective."

Anonymous: "Effective!"

Tan Xin Ru, NUS Student: "It really helps me to remember things better. 'SIRFEES' is good. It's funny & engaging."

Loh Chen Tian, Remisier: "It helps me greatly in easy way to remember things."

Grace Yeo Kim Keow, Teacher: "I hope it can help me to remember the names of my students so I shall try out the methods learnt. Thanks!"

Ada Ang Fengjiao, Housewife: "Interesting. I will use what I learn to teach my kid. Useful to know."

Gideon Cheong, Supply Manager: "Concise Workshop. Enable us to remember the main points of techniques. 1. Short and Powerful System. 2. Easy to learn and memorise"

Tsai Xin Rong Cheryl, NJC Student going to NUS: "Good Workshop! :) Very engaging. Pay attention! :)"

Tan Chew Huan, Student: "Very effective! Guarantee improvement."

Yang Yang, NUS Undergraduate: "Learn techniques like SIRFEES and Mental Filing to greatly improve your memory."

Ong Pei Leng, Travel Manager: "Interesting, fun session where one gets to learn new techniques in a less stressful environment."

Carol Chew, Admin Assistant cum Social Worker: "Hilarious!! Fast-paced but Mr Kee is still able to catch participants' attention. If possible to share some quick tips on remember numbers (workshop 2 contents) for real life application. Let your imagination run wild during the workshop."

Patrica Wu Poh Poh: "Good and practial tips. Useful and easy methods."

  ~ end ~