Improve Your Memory Power in One Session

  Testimonials from Chinese Development Assistant Council (Skills Training) (2007)

Chan Lai Yoke Evelyn, Senior Assistant Manager, Banking of East Asia: "Very easy to understand. A comprehensive self-enhancement course in memory improvement."

May Lim Lee Tin, Admin. Assistant: "I like it very much and had enjoyed it instead of falling asleep. Hope to recommend to Catholic High School's principal, Mr Lee. This course helps you to improve the memory power."

David Ho, Sales and Marketing: "Very interesting. Limited time to illustrate more. Overall very good. Excellence."

Steve Ho, Sales Executive: "Good improvement on your memory!."

Lee Kaw Wai, PSB Academy: "You can improve your memory capacity ."

Lee Teng Foon: "This will help me to remember things easily ."

Valerice Liang, Student: "Very easy to understand and interesting. I would tell others that it is an easy to understand and interesting workshop."

Lim Kek Ho, Housing Agent: "Can improve memory."

Lim Siew Eng: "The training duration can be longer if possible. This is a good training session, basic but applicable in our life."

Loi Teck Ing: "I've benefitted and learnt quite a number of new techniques in this workshop. I think it's good to encourage other to attend as well. It's fun and easy learning way to remember new vocabs."

Lum Cheng Han: "It really can improve your memory."

Neo Shi Jia, NUS undergraduate: "It helps to learn memory techniques as it applies to everyday use."

Ng Chek Yong, Security Guard: "Very educational and informative."

Freddy Ngui Tat Meng: "Fantastic."

Siow Tiew Woon, Marine Industry: "It will teach us various way of remembering new words and strengthen our memory."

Tan Peng Kiat: "Interesting methods to help you remember."

Tan Peck Leng, Homemaker: "Interesting, makes me have second thought about not using my brain to much. Educational & make your brain remembers more effectively and better."

Tan Wei Ling: "Lengthen the timing. Please start punctually. Started 10 mins late. Heavily subsidised course. Good for improving mental memory. Good price for me to pay (low income family)."

Tay Kok Yong: "It is very interesting."

Tey Chek Chey: "Good improvement for future."

Robin Tung Yee Choy, Operator: "This workshop imparts practical lifeskills."

Yong See Seong: "Very Good. Interesting and help to improve our memory."

Yan Sin Tat: "I hope my children's from Hougang Primary School have the chance to enrol this workshop. Very good to recommend to others because of the benefit of acquiring the skill to remember things."

Anonymous: "Worth attending."

  ~ end ~