Improve Your Memory Power in One Session

  Testimonials from Chinese Development Assistant Council (HQ) (2012)

John Leong Boon Tong, IT Support: "Interesting! Different ways of remembering things."

Pamela Niu Lay Hwa, Executive, One-Stop Service: "Very interesting and humourous."

Ong Bee Leng, Executive, One-Stop Service: "It is very useful and interesting. Applicable to all in work, studies...etc."

Ong Peng Kit, Executive, Student Education: "Simple example, easy to understand. It helps."

Anonymous: "Learning in an interesting but relaxing environment."

Sally Koh, Executive, Student Education: "Lively and interesting ."

Teng Mui Keng, Executive, Student Education: "Interesting and hilarious. Good way to learn."

Vincent Lee, Executive, Student Education: "David is extremely engaging, jovial & funny. He is capable of delivering quality content and connecting with the participants"

Monissa Ng, Executive, Student Education: "Interesting way and communication in sharing new methods. Go for the lesson and you will know."

Michelle Hum, Executive, Student Education: "Interesting way to learn how to improve your memory."

Huang Weiling, Executive, Family Workfare & Support: "Very interesting & interactive workshop with good tips & techniques for remembering vocabulary. It will be better if there are techniques to remember incidents in life. An engaging & educational workshop good for both children and adults."

Anonymous: "Try it! It is fun and interesting."

Tan Pei Jia, Executive, Family Workfare & Support: "SIRFEES - funny & interesting trainer."

Koh Li Lian, Accounts Executive: "It is interesting and helps me with new techniques of memorising."

William Yap, I.T: "Eye Opener."

Felix Lim, Engineer:"Very interesting for 1st timer."

Chia Wee Li, Assistant Manager, Volunteer Engagement & Development: "I like the concise tips. It is worth attending!!"

Sharon Ong, Executive, Volunteer Engagement & Development: "Great ways to learn how to remember words better."

Anonymous: "I would like to learn more about absent-mindedness. It is interesting with the tips, refreshing & recap ideas"

Ng Tse Peng, Executive, Family Workfare & Support: "Simple and straightforward tips. It will make remembering things easier."

Shirley Lim, Manager, Worker's Upgrading & Employment:: "Informative and interesting."

Mandy Seng, Executive, Worker's Upgrading & Employment:: "This would be a beneficial workshop if you come with an open mind and a relax mood."

  ~ end ~