Improve Your Memory Power in One Session

  Testimonials from Adult Participants

"Very 'eye-opening' because I've never attended a memory talk. Was sceptical at first because how can someone train another person's memory. But after attending, indeed very useful and the techniques are easy to understand."
Oh Chew Ling, National University of Singapore

"Very informative, did not expect that memory training can be easy."
Sarimah Sarip, Executive Secretary, GlaxoSmithKline Asia Pacific

"Full day programme is good but would like more time to practise the powerful memory system. Good foundation & introduction to memory techniques."
Julie Sng, Paralegal, GlaxoSmithKline Asia Pacific

"Good time management. Workshop met the objectives intended."
Sarimah Sarip, Executive Secretary, GlaxoSmithKline Asia Pacific

"Able to remember the sequence with the simple formula and able to create creativity and imagination."
Desmond Wong, HR Officer, SMRT

"Very interesting and informative. Good for learning more about how to remember more stuff."
Sharon Kow, Energy Market Company

"It helps to improve my memory and gain knowledge on the course."
Evelyn Ethel Woo, Student, Singapore Human Resources Institute

"Make full use of your brain."
Lucy Han, CSO, Ministry of Health

"Very useful to our daily life."
Gwee Siew Teen, CSO, Ministry of Health

"Very useful at work."
Ang Mui Lang, CSO, Ministry of Health

"Should be able to apply in everyday life."
Lim Beng Yian, Accounts & Finance Manager, Future Enterprises Pte Ltd

"Overall good & satisfactory. Lessons were lively & interesting. Points clearly explained."
Angelia Loh, Secretary, Petrolships Pte Ltd

"Practical and straight forward yet powerfully explained with practical techniques to enhance memory. The course is worth attending to enhance one's memory."
Mary Patrick, SO Admin & Audit, Singapore Prison Service

"Creative & new technique in learning."
Lim Kim Choon, IT Executive, ST Electronics (Info-Software Systems) Pte Ltd

"Very knowledgeable."
Wendy Quek, Civil Servant

"This confirms that I can use David's method to do my heavy studies - very beneficial, very good. EXCELLENT! Thanks David!!"
Karin Lee

"Great! excellent when match with regular practices. It is own discipline now to brush up on this skill learnt. Fantastic class and great skill to learn. Thanks David :) This will be excellent for my learning."
Toh Yeng Yen

"Fun-filled & Easy-to-Apply techniques for all ages. I would recommend my friends to attend this workshop."
Karen Wong, Teacher, YMCA Student Care Centre

"Excellent! It really helps to improve my memory! Would like to attend the next memory workshop."
Junaidah Bte Hussin, Changi Airport Recreation Club

"Great! excellent when match with regular practices. It is own discipline now to brush up on this skill learnt. Fantastic class and great skill to learn. Thanks David :) This will be excellent for my learning."
Toh Yeng Yen

"Great workshop! Definitely will send my school-going siblings to attend this workshop. Definitely have maximized my memory power."
Haslinda A H, People's Association

"It has been a mental exerise. I have also learnt what the right and left parts of the brain function and how filing the words in an organised way helps to improve my memory. It was interesting to participate."
Sumathi, Teacher

"Fun-filled & Easy-to-Apply techniques for all ages. I would recommend my friends to attend this workshop."
Karen Wong, Teacher

"It is an asset for young and old to learning skills. Strongly recommended."
Ms Linda Cho, Principal

"Excellent stuff to experiment with. Strongly recommend to people who would like to increase their memory power. Easy to digest. Will assist me to understand Tony Buzan book."
Peter Lim

Part 1: "Excellent methods to remember key things - relevant to study and work life." Part 2: "Find this useful for work & study. Interesting."
Samantha Chia

"Clear, well explained, focused, easy to remember system and examples."
K. Ramakrishnan

"The lesson is taught in an organised way,in a formula form on help of basic memory technique."
Tracy Wong Siong Foong

"I am able to remember vocabulary better if I use Kee's method."
Mark Chin Yee

"It's very useful for me to use the method. Now I know the formula to remember."
Janny Chong

"I feel better now. Memory does not deteriorate with age because I am 44 now."
Mdm Poh, Teacher

"It is definitely easier to recall things if we apply the SIRFEE METHOD."
Julia Cheong, Parent

"It is worth the money and effort coming to learn this life skill for myself as well as for my sons, nephew and cousin."
Joan See, Parent

"A refreshing way to remembering things."
Lucy Wee, Supervisor, Living Spring Student Care Centre

"I wish I could attend a longer workshop to learn about having a better memory."
Diana Koh, Teacher, Living Spring Student Care Centre

"I am made aware of how we can train our mind to remember and recall things better."
Darren Tan, Teacher, Living Spring Student Care Centre

"SIRFEE and Mental Filing are very effective ways to improve our memory. I will attempt to put it to practice in my daily work and life."
Tina Ng, Parent

"I would like to recommend to students as the programme is enriching as well as motivating."
Mrs Thana, Supervisor, Bishan East 3-in-1 Student Care Centre

"I want to attend the second part of the workshop. I would recommend to friends."
Tan Yen Ling

"Good to know some of these techniques behind memory improvement."
Ng Teck Kim, Division Manager, Corporate Admin, Defence Science & Technology Agency

"A good discovery! As what you say, no pain, no gain."
Fabian Lim of Defence Science & Techonolgy Agency

"Have been equipped with techniques which are useful both for working and studying."
Kris Mathana of Defence Science & Technology Agency

"I would strongly recommend my children to attend this workshop."
Christina Ong of Defence Science & Techonology Agency

"Amazing and simply interesting. Hope that there is a more comprehensive and advance course to follow up with this current workshop."
Jeffrey Tan

"Yes, I agree that I have learnt a few valuable things but the greatest achievement came during the second memory test. I improved from 8/20 to 19/20 although I did not have any confidence attempting it. This learning is really great and something exciting and new to me."
Sharifah Sayeda

"I thought I had a poor memory but after attending the workshop, the method helps me strengthen my memory. A wonderful method for students and even adults like me. Would like to attend some more workshops. Please keep me informed."
Champpakali Mukherjee, Teacher, Pro-Teach BASC & Tuition Centre

"I would encourage this workshop to be opened to all parents. Method will be useful for daily lives."
Mani Makali, Parent

"I would strongly recommend my friends to attend this workshop."
Sherina Wong, Parent

"I would strongly recommend students to attend this workshop."
Heng Hui Eng, Parent

"I would strongly recommend my freinds to attend this workshop."
Pauline Tan, Teacher, Praise Student Care Centre

"Excellent! You should conduct this workshop in school."
Aw Say Yong

"I would strongly recommend my friends to attend this workshop."
Mdm Woo, Teacher, AGAPE Student Care Centre

"I would ask my friends to attend the workshop."
Rosalind Low, Teacher, AGAPE Student Care Centre

"Very interesting and informative."
Chew Joo Seng, Changi Airport Recreation Club

"I would recommend my friends to attend this workshop."
Koh Kim Geok, Changi Airport Recreation Club

"Excellent course!"
Yeo Cheng Nam, Changi Airport Recreation Club

"I would strongly recommend my friends to attend this workshop."
Ng Yong Seng

"I'll recommend this workshop to my friends."
Tang Ping Mui

"I am able to remember more things."
Tang La Fun

"Innovating and mind taxing."
Daphne Yuen

"It is useful to lots of people in the basic. Would like to tell more people about such course."
Jennifer Wong

"I have more methods to use to improve my memory."
Tan Thiam Siew

"I would strongly recommend my friends to attend this workshop."
Agnes Yeo

"I am now able to use associations to remember things better."
Mary Cheah

"I would strongly recommend my friends to attend this workshop."
Ong San San

"It does help me to memorize better by relating words to picture or story."
Lim Guek Boon

"This is good for memorizing in academic purpose and some practical principles.."
Abdul Razak Salleh

"More time given will be good, definitely will recommend friends and children to know."
Olivia Teo

"This programme helps me to improve my memory."
Soedirman Chai

"Good practical tips to improve memory.
Ang Teong Soon

"Can relate with interesting things to my mental filing. More confident right now."
Mindy Ng

"I've learnt to remember actively and quickly in a SIRFEE interesting way."
Jocelyn Shang

"Thank you for the informative, interesting workshop."
Serene Ng Oi Chan

"Simply practical. Although available in books, it is much easier to go through a half-day workshop with examples and focus."
Ng Kok Siong

"I have shown improvement."
Wong Choi Leng


"It helps to improve my memory skills. This knowledge can be applied in my teaching, upcoming course & personal life."
Sarasvathi Sekaran, Jervois Special School

"Brief and concise, objectives have been met however I would be interested in learning more techniques to impove memory skills."
Yvette Pereira, Jervois Special School

"Presenter gave a clear & concise instruction & relevant activity to enhance memory improvement & see how the methods taught can be applied to enhance memory."
Norlidah Shahrin, Jervois Special School

"Hardly a boring moment. Practical too."
Stella Ho, Jervois Special School

"Simple & achievable exercise which motivates us to want o know more. Should organize more of such workshop for staff."
Lilian Liu, People's Association

"The workshop is interesting and CC should promote this workshop. This workshop is also suitable for parents and children to attend together."
See Seng Kok

"Very interesting and educational. Interesting tips given during the session were very useful."

"Amazing, I didn't know I've good memory."
Shuhada Ridwan

"Extremely helpful and useful."
Doris Teo

"Very interesting, helps to improve my memory. Wished it is a longer session so that I am able to learn more."
Adeline Chong, People's Association

"Very practical. Trainer tends to use 'experiential learning' methods to teach & relate to students. A very fun learning process, active participating."
Tong Cheng Lee, People's Association

"Very interesting & enlightening. Fun too!"
Suzanna, People's Association

"It was conducted in a fun yet enriching way - very relaxed, and yet let our mind easy-to-remember things."
Eu Jeng

"Enriching, very enlightening and surprised that I can memorize at least 3X more."
Jimmy Lim

"Very effective and enjoyable."
Peter Tan Yew Song

"Very interesting."
Michelle Lam

"Good & clear instructions."
May Chia

"Very interesting."
Wong Kwai Pheng

"Interesting and useful."
Michael Seah

"Pretty interesting, bringing life out of our normal learning procedures."
Chua Tze Kian

"Very Interesting!"
Zubaidah Bte Mohamed Hanifa

"Enriching. Simple to follow. Topic sufficient for novice. "
Evelyn Tan, SMRT

"Need more practice in chapter 6. 1st time attending such a course. Very impressive and it was at a pace that was just right and kept me attentive. Not boring at any point. Will help if parents could be given more opportunities to attend such courses (with their kids will be a plus point. "
Fernandez Linda, SMRT

"It is very good to take stock of what participants have achieved. It is proven that the objectives are met. That is double or triple memory improvement after applying the methods. "
Gan Ho Kok, SMRT

"Very practical, eye opening experience. Up my memory skills instantly and additional tools learnt. "
Jenny Gey, SMRT

"I will send my son to the class. "
Tan Kok Khiang, SMRT

"It is very excellent and improves my memory power. An easy way to improve memory power."
S Maheshwaran

"I've got a hopeless memory. This course will help me increase my vocab and not forget most of the new terms I try to learn."
Murugesan Suppayyan

"Very interesting and easy to understand."

"Very good and practical application."
Peter Wee, Math Teacher

"I have to practice what was preached to be perfect. It was marvellous."
S. Sarojinee

"Focussed. High Energy, Take back skills."
Sharmini, Trainer

"Would like to attend more of it."
Cecilia Xavier

"Something new and this is an eye opener to me. Very encouraging and motivational."
Susila N, (Studying Master in HR)

"Interesting. Powerful."
Jenny Lim

"Very useful and informative. A very dedicated and responsible trainer."
Lynn Woo

"Very good. Will use it for my learning and preparation for exams."
Maureen Lee

"Fast and Clear."
Dora Sim Kim Eng

"Helps me to maximise the use of my memory."
Nur Fitri, Changi General Hosptial

"Good memory technique."
Larry Khoo, Changi General Hosptial

"An interesting workshop which helps to improve our memory / recollection ability."
Narayanan Ragavendran, Changi General Hosptial

"An interesting course for us to understand the ways to improve our memory."
Edmund Lee, Changi General Hosptial

"Looking forward to attend your level 2 workshop."
Grace Chang, Senior Nursing Manager, Changi General Hosptial

"Useful techniques."
Lynn Cheong, Changi General Hosptial

"Great workshop for school children."
Loh Siw Eng, Changi General Hosptial

"Very Good & interesting especially those who have no knowledge of memory training."
Chan Pit Seng, Lab. Manager, Changi General Hosptial

"I can remember better after the workshop. I really learn the techniques and will apply it in my daily life."
Wee Leng Chen

"David's workshop provides an excellent tool that we can use for the rest of our lives if we choose to do so!"
Serina Chia, General Manager, Printelligence Pte Ltd

"Indeed a very interesting workshop to discover techniques to enhance our memory and recall"
Melvin Chan, Technical Writer, Printelligence Pte Ltd

"A Refreshing and proven approached to memorise. The before and after exercises give clear indication of our progress right before our eyes."
Joseph Tan, Sales Manager, Printelligence Pte Ltd

"It was interesting to learn. Like to try the method."
Hiro Furutate, Sales Manager, Printelligence Pte Ltd

"New knowledge has been gained."
Linda Lee, Finance & Admin Manager, Printelligence Pte Ltd

"Quite interesting, something new and different. Must put in effort to practise initially."
Sabrina Chua

"Very useful be it for adults / children. Should proceed to higher level for more enhance learning."
Rebecca Tan, HR Officer

"Useful in exercising/stretching our memory muscles."
Carine Tan, Changi General Hosptial

"Very useful for daily work. Enhance memory ability."
Kamisar Kadir, Changi General Hosptial

"Very happy that I can score 20/20 for both "After" scores, after getting intial scores of 4/20 & 5/20!!! Very effective!."
Joanna Wong, Changi General Hosptial

"It is a very interesting workshop. Though we learnt some points from our teachers when we were young, still it is interesting for me because we can learn it systematically.."
Khim Khim Aye, Changi General Hosptial

"Very interesting."
Teh Mi Mi, Changi General Hosptial

"Very interesting and useful."
Devki T Singh, Secretary, Changi General Hosptial

"Live Demo is more powerful than reading books."
Derek Lam, Physiotherapist, Changi General Hosptial

"Is useful, however I need to work on it and practise."
Tan Kheng Hiang, Changi General Hosptial

"Interesting + challenging!"
Wong Ai Lee, Changi General Hosptial

"Trainer is well versed, prepared and uses appropriate examples & explanation. Encouraging and motivating."
Margaret Chew, Nursing Manager, Changi General Hosptial

"Easy to understand. Easy to remember."
Lum Yeow Chun, Changi General Hosptial

"Well done! Useful to my life & work."
Yan Ping, Changi General Hosptial

"Interesting lesson to learn easy ways to remember things/facts."
Eric Lim

"The trainer is clear in his explanation. The pace of teaching is just right and Mr David Kee also keep the class awake with his jokes. He knows how to instil interest in the students. He is also very patient and friendly."
Chiang Chew Bee

"Effective! I can see improvement."
Kelvin Tan, Engineer

"Conducted in an interesting manner. Able to keep interest of participants throughout the course. Well-delivered."
Janice Toh, RHB Bank Berhad

Michelle Pek, RHB Bank Berhad

"David explains in a very detailed manner. Easy to understand."
Yanni Lee

"Very interesting and good memory can be achieved."
Melissa Wong

"A good method to remember difficult words. An eye-opener."
Betty Tan

"Effective and challenging."
Jonna Lee

"Very interesting. (Did not fall asleep.)"
Chan Swee Chun

"Very useful. Helps me in remembering a lot of things."
Enjoe Tan

"Good memory exercise!"
Chung Shui Ken, Retiree

"Lessons are easy to understand."
Nur Ezehar Bin Bohari, Executive

"May be 2-day. To attend is a must."
Lew Swee Wah, Civil Servant

"Very knowledgeable."
Wendy Quek, Civil Servant

"The teacher is very clear in presenting the course materials, relaxed and fun. The skills learnt will be useful in my daily work."
Ng York Tze

"Very good way of teaching, giving a clear idea on the step by step working."
Margaret Kim

"Provide very practical methodology and clear explanation on the skills taught."
Leo Mei Kin

"It is very beneficial to those students who can really make use of this memory techniques for their study in order to achieve higher mark for their examinations."
Jasmin Chua

"Interesting. I think it is good for primary school children to benefit from the learnings."
Wong Lee Lin

"Very educational, useful. Very good to improve our memory."
Eric Lee Teng Hoon

"Very amazing techniques. Simple yet effective. I would promote your workshop to my friends who are still studying to attend it."
Siti Nur Fatimah, Animal Technician at A*Star

"Trainer explained very clearly."
Ng Hwee Beng, Teacher

"The concept was explained very well. Valued for the time spent."
Wang Chuen Khiang, Engineer

"Useful! relevant!"
Kwee Tiow Choo

"It's certainly beneficial to me. Mr Kee's presentation is easy to understand and he's very animated."
Angela Tay, Customer Service

"Interesting and I've enjoyed the class."
Foong Kah Yam, Senior IT Consultant

"Learn how to improve my memory. Very knowledgeable, interesting."
Linda Lee, Management Service Officer

"Interesting, informative, practical. It will help you to improve your memory."
Mrs Tan-Lim Hong Chin

"I would tell others that it is very very useful and they could impart this skill to their children."
Arjun Kumar Gurung, Police

"The presentation is clear and excellent. To enhance your memory."
Wong Yan Kit, Engineering

Vocabulary workshop - "Can help those who read the papers but have no time to find out the meaning of difficult words. Some of these words can also be found in magazines like Readers' Digest. The can learn new words within 2-3 hrs by using sound-alike words or picture words in their minds. The must also practise often."
Esther Choo

Vocabulary workshop - "Interesting tips to adopt for future learnings. To learn technique for long-term learning."
Goh Fang Min, Chief Finance Officer

Vocabulary workshop - "This workshop will help you to improve your vocabulary."
Grace Phua, Executive Assistant

"Helps to build up confidence in some people. Give an idea of how to apply memory power."
Angelo Maniam, Regional Manager

"Good for creativity studies for kids."
Crystal Alina Mariam, Recruitment Executive

"Interesting. Rekindled my interest in remembering, improving my memory. Very interesting and useful course for students and adults!"
Eng Soh Seng, Manager

"Useful & interesting, especially vocab. & memorizing the words by visualization."
Jenny Lim

"The workshop helps me a lot. it improve my memory skills."
Chin Sun Hong, Accounts Assistant

"Hope that you can give more lessons for learning or write a book. Good. Fun. Good for learning vocabulary."
Vincent Kok, Tuition Teacher

"This course is very informative and beneficial. I have learnt a lot from them. Excellent. See to believe."
Esther Aw, parent

"Very good. Interesting and enriching."
Serene Goh Poh Ing, parent

"Easy and better ways to memorise."
Joanne Ng Siew Gek

"Vocabulary workshop - Challenging and elnlightening; trainer is very entertaining."
Mrs Elaine Liu (attended with her Pri. 6 child, Liu Yan Xin)

"Interesting memory improvement methodologies. Had fun in class...."
David Lim Tai Wee, Senior Security System Engineer

"Improve my memory through this workshop. It's very helpful."
Chris Sam

"Makes remembering stuff much more interesting and we can now enjoy in the process. Very useful and applicable in everyday life."
Yee Oi Lan, Vice President, Credit & Risk, DBS Vickers Securities (Singapore) Pte Ltd

"Simple to Remember."
Jacqueline Chay, Head of Marketing, AsiaPac Distribution Pte Ltd

"It is very useful and interesting. If you are willing to learn, it may change your life."
Song Shuang Shuang, Admin Executive, Surbana International Consultant P/L

"Learn how to improve memory using creative ways."
He Shan, PA to Group CEO, Surbana International Consultant P/L

"Eye Opening."
Eunice Yeo Lee Hiang, PA to CEO, Surbana International Consultant P/L

"Very Enriching. I have re-learnt how to learn and remember."
Razin Bin Abd Rahman, Manager, Singapore Workforce Development Agency

"Very interesting! Need to have skill!"
Lena Lee, Academic Staff, Republic Polytechnic

"Important life skill!"
Andrew Chin, Academic Staff, Republic Polytechnic

"Engaging, interesting, eye-opener. Useful memory techniques to improve memory power. Interesting."
Fiza Safarudin, Academic Staff, Republic Polytechnic

"Easy to grasp the idea & concept."
Lee Soon Kim, General Manager/Director Human/Organisation Resource & Development, Fuji Xerox Singapore Pte Ltd

"Very good only if you are interested, willing, discipline enough to practise."
Sharon Kong, General Manager/Director Business Operation, Fuji Xerox Singapore Pte Ltd

"Concise and effective as well as clear. Worth it!"
Stephanie Wong, Homemaker

"Informative, Concise & Effective."
Kwee Ching Liang, Accountant

"David is an engaging trainer. Never dull. Speaks clearly. Easy to use tools."
Patrick Tan, IT Consultant

"Good speaker with interesting techniques. Ultimately, you learn something out of the one day workshop."
He Hui Fang, HR Executive, DBS Vickers Securities (Singapore) Pte Ltd

"Attend it! It will help you improve your memory and make your work & lifestyles more meaningful."
Rickson Tan, AVP, DBS Vickers Securities (Singapore) Pte Ltd

"Amazing and it really improve your memory within short while if you are willing to try it out."
Leong Lily, Administrative Executive, Mitsui & Co. (Asia Pacific) Pte Ltd

"It is interesting. Able to boost up memory."
Jasmine Loh, Senior Business Coordinator, Mitsui & Co. (Asia Pacific) Pte Ltd

"Raised my awareness on how to remember better (improve memory) ."
Chan Seok Ching, Secretary, SBS Transit Ltd

"Practical & useful."
Kiat Ching Yee, Assistant Manager, Singapore International Foundation

"Captivating and interesting. Enlightening and helpful in increasing memory power."
Christopher Reuben, Senior Police Officer, Singapore Police Force

Edwin Ng, Academic Staff, Republic Polytechnic

"Very informative. Never know we can improve our memory thru a fun way."
Pearlyn Chan Yoke Ling , Secretary, Canon Singapore Pte Ltd.

"Interesting! Useful."
Jerry Soh, Manager, Tile Plus Pte Ltd.

"David is very willing to share and answer all our questions. Go & attend something that you will benefit."
Dr Tan Chay Hoon

"Interesting stress free. Enjoying the class/workshop."
Angela Ng Hui Keow, IT Procurement, DBS Vickers Securities (Singapore) Pte Ltd

"Interesting. Good & beneficial."
Tee Tik Keok Rita, Bank Executive, DBS Vickers Securities (Singapore) Pte Ltd

"Very effective, given the time constraint. Gives you a good grounding of the key concepts and principles."
Dr Wee Wei Keong, National Healthcare Group Polyclinics

"Excellent techniques & explanations - will apply asap. Memory can be improve. Good memory will prepae one to be more professional."
Fauziah Abdul Sani, Head, Company Compliance, Singapore Customs

"Breaks down processes into 'easy to digest' parts. Memory techniques that work."
Carol Tan, Director, MICA

"For those who are interested in improving their memory power, it will be very useful."
Joshua Chan, Dep Director, MICA

"Small group below 10 pax is good for better participation & understanding of the course subject. It works."
Jenny Lim, Service Administrator

"Good for improving memory."
Quek Sok Ching, Executive, Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School

"This is a fun workshop with very good concepts and powerful tools to having good memory. I love the SIRFEES concept."
Fang Ye Ting, Finance, ESPN STAR Sports

"Small group below 10 pax is good for better participation & understanding of the course subject. It works."
Janson Hong Junwei, Sales & Marketing Officer, Wan Hai International Pte Ltd

"Very Good. The powerful memory technique is quite difficult. Will require a lot of practice before effective."
Dan Robinson, Operation Manager, World Courier

"Interesting and amazing techniques to improve memory."
Serene Giam, Business Process Officer, Amadeus GDS Singapore Pte Ltd

"Very useful and interesting."
Karen Liew, Infocomm Specialist, IRAS

"Enable you to organise information effectively."
Ng Wai Chuin, IT Officer, IRAS

Teo Bee Eng, IRAS

"It is practical and useful."
Pamela Chan, NCS

"Very Useful."
Musni Ma Theresa Santos, Associate, DBS Vickers Securities (Singapore) Pte Ltd

"Innovative way of remember numbers. Also good for children who needs to remember a lot of formulae..etc."
Melissa Teo, PA to CEO, UOL Group Limited

"You can learn how to memorize things in order & systematically."
Jodie Leung, Social Worker from Hong Kong

"Smart Memory Recall 1-day workshop: This is the first time I am attending such a workshop so I find it very interesting."
John Okuk, Lecturer from Papua New Guinea

"Keep up the great work! It will change your life!!!"
Lilian TanSing, Natural Therapist

"Good balance between exercise (practice) and theory! This is a very powerful training giving you the right basic tools to empower your memory from day 1!."
Miguel Angel Doval, Purchasing Director, Firmenich Asia Pte Ltd

"Techniques taught can be applied to our everyday lives."
Iryanti Binte Sapii, Admin Assistant, Intertek Testing Services (Singapore)

"Very interesting and definitely can help to improve the memory."
Farhain Binte Sulaiman, Clerical Officer, Nanyang Technological University

"Good in memorising long string of numbers and names."
Tan Wen Jun Ellynn, HR Admin Assistant, Nipsea Management Company Pte Ltd

"If you want to improve your memory. Go for it."
Yeo Hui Qing Jasmine, Senior Admin Officer, Yamazaki Mazak Singapore Pte Ltd

"It is good to learn memory skill techniques on how to remember."
Peter Teo Yong Meng, Defence Executive Officer

"Interesting Course."
Sin Angie, Bank Executive, DBS Vickers Securities (Singapore) Pte Ltd

"Simple material, easy to understand."
Lyndy Zhang, Executive, National Council of Social Service

"Mr Kee makes the training very interesting and I think if I put what I have learnt today into practice, I can improve my memory. Quite enriching and fruitful session."
Soh Lee Choo, Accounts Officer, Robert Bosch (SEA) Pte Ltd

"Interesting and really have some useful tips to enhance our memory."
Celeste Yeo, Senior Accounts Officer, Robert Bosch (SEA) Pte Ltd

"The effectiveness, I can see at the end of workshop. Well done David."
Ramamoorthy Rajendran, Senior Executive Development Officer, Building and Construction Authority

"This improves our daily life in remembering things and will definitely help us in our career advancement."
Benson Aw, Order Processing (Pumps) Manager, KSB Singapore (Asia Pacific) Pte Ltd

"Amazing & interesting workshop. Learning techniques on handling & improving memory on remembering things."
Ong ShuHui Samantha, Bank Executive, DBS Vickers Securities (Singapore) Pte Ltd

"Engaging, helpful. Well Done!"
Shen Huiling Corlissa, Executive Membership & HR, Association of Process Industry

"Interesting and really have some useful tips to enhance our memory."
Rohaina Bte Osman, Head of Finance & Admin, LPM AL-Istighfar

"Well conducted. Interesting. Will help a lot in memory. Can make use of the techniques taught."
Maureen Goh Kim Yin, Mgt Secretary, Shell Eastern Petroleum (Pte) Ltd

"Very effective and interesting."
Linda Kham, Senior Executive, Membership Dept, Singapore Business Federation

"Very effective and interesting."
Cheryl Kong, Member Relation Director, Singapore Business Federation

  ~ end ~