Improve Your Memory Power in One Session

  Testimonials from Outward Bound Singapore (2009)

Rakesh Singh, Business Development Manager: “Excellent, Maybe participants could be given more exercises to apply learnings. (Real life situational exercises.) I am amazed at how my memory potential is so untapped. Now I can safely say I am not useless in my memory potential.”

Steven Lau, Business Development: “Excellent, Simple, effective, see results after 1 lesson. I would recommend this workshop to others and I would say to them, "Do you have problem remembering things?"

Alice Goh, Corporate Affair: “Very Good, First time attend this kind of workshop. Very interesting. Can easily remember things.”

Lynda Khoo, Corporate Affair, Executive Assistant: “This workshop really works. Try it yourself.”

Phyllis Tan, Corporate Affair: “Very useful and beneficial. Makes me realise the potential I can release in using my memory. The techniques taught are applicable in almost all areas in life: work, school, home.”

Yuslina Mahmood, Corporate Affair: “Good, learn new technique besides linking stories & acronyms, example mental filing. Beneficial, especially for students.”

Daniel Lim Heng Han, Estate & Services: “It works.”

Avena Tay, Management: “Learn a lot of techniques.”

Daniel Lim Heng Han, Estates & Services: “It works.”

Michael Foo, Management: “David shared the techniques very clearly and easily to comprehend.”

Lyn Taha, Marketing & Communications: “It is excellent. It helps to unleash my memory capabilities. It works.”

Akilliah, Nurse, Medical & Health Services: “The workshop helps you to adopt new and different techniques to improve your memory.”

Masrifah, Medical & Health Services: “Excellent but Mr Kee talks to fast.”

Tina Wah, OB Pro: “Good learning experience.”

Saparila Ali, OB Youth: “Very interesting. So many techniques can be used to remember things. Learn new knowledge.”

Vanessa Tsang, OB Youth: “Interesting, insightful, useful and practical.”

  ~ end ~