Improve Your Memory Power in One Session

  Testimonials from KEE Learning small class size workshops

Kenny Seah, Lecturer, Singapore Polytechnic: "Part 1: Very enlightening. / Part 2: Very helpful and powerful memory technique. I would recommend these workshops to my wife, children colleagues & students."

Amalina Bte A Razak, Sec. 2, Bedok View Sec. School: "Part 1: Excellent. / Part 2: Interesting! I have learnt more techniques on how to remember more things and I am sure this will benefit me academically. Interesting and also beneficial. Yous should attend it! :) / Vocabulary Workshop: Very beneficial for students, especially academically. This workshop is a great and fun place to learn new words!"

Ian Lee JunWei, Marketing Executive: "Part 1: There is a lot of ways to remember things instead of rote learning. / Part 2: There are different ways to remember things. / Vocabulary Workshop: Interesting & different ways to remember words."

William Lim, Sales Engineer: "Part 1: Some new ways to use our brain. / Part 2: A new way to memorizing numbers & new vocab. / Vocabulary Workshop: Introduction to how to improve your memory."

Yanni Lee, Accounts Executive: "Part 2: Very informative and useful and can be applied to daily life."

Tan Wei Ling, Homemaker:"Part 2: If you are willing to improve your memory skills further, join these workshops because it is very useful for the long term."

Serena Lok, Sec. 1, Tanglin Sec. School: "Vocabulary Workshop: It is very efficient and can help to gain marks for composition."

Yap Bin Hui, Pri. 4, Raffles Girls' Pri. School: "Vocabulary Workshop: It will help you to remember more new words."

Angela Chng Poh Lian: "It is a very new technique of memory to me. It is interesting as you can try to use imagination to form picture and is easy to remember. Interesting programme and much easy to remember words."

Cassandra Lim Sze Ting, Sec. 1, Yihua Sec. School: "The workshop is very good ."

Ernst Lim Jian Hao, Pri. 4, Ngee Ann Pri. School: "Very good. Please come to this workshop, it is very good."

Catherine Lim Kai Ting, Pri. 3, Jurong Pri. School: "This workshop is excellent."

Vicky Lim: "I would recommend this workshop to others because the mental filing technique is very useful in applying in any situations."

Goh Keane, Pri. 6, Nan Chiau Pri. School: "It is enjoyable. I would tell others that it is fun and a good method to memorise things."

Beverly Giam, Sec. 1, Cedar Girls Sec. School: "This workshop is very fun and I can remember the words. I have learnt how to remember key words for my different subjects."

Nigel Giam, Pri. 6, Poi Ching School: "This workshop helps me to remember lots of things easily. It is funny and creative :)"

Trish Lim, Homemaker: "Interesting, fun. It would definitely help in their studies."

Sakthivel s/o Shankar, Pri. 3, Dazhong Pri. School: "The workshop is excellent."

Hadi Hayat Hazwan, Pri. 6, Kranji Pri. School: "It is very exciting, fun and you will learn how to memorize words easily."

Cheong Seen Leong, Tutor: "Very hands on, non stressful and lots of opportunity to practice skills. Very helpful if one wants to improve one's memory."

Joshua Augustine, Parent: "Very interesting."

Samuel Augustine, Pri. 3, Anglo Chinese School (Junior): "It is very educational to me. This workshop could help you improve your memory."

Christiann Augustine, Pri. 4, Marymount Covent: "It is very interesting. Now I can use the memory methods. Come and improve your memory."

Ricky Soh Say Chuan, Self-employed: "It is very helpful."

Alex Foo Say Phong, Engineer: "Introduction to a good skill in memorizing. Must try. Just spend this 3.5 hours and it may change your life. A very worthwhile investment in youself."

Foo En Kyi, Pri. 4, Raffles Girls' Pri. School: "Very interesting and it helps me improve my memory. It is interesting."

Ryan Ho, Pri. 5, Henry Park Pri. School: "It would help them improve their memory."

Anonymous, Civil Servant: "It has shedded more light on memory strategies. It is beneficial. It offer effective strategies to remember information apart from rote learning."

Chai Choi Wei: "Duration is about right. David is very clear in explanation of the techniques & has lot of good examples."

Chai Ming Peng, Pri. 5, Gan Eng Seng Pri. School: "This memory workshop is very good. The fact is once the instructor taught you, it will be in your long term memory."

D Chithra: "Make it easier to remember things and vocabulary. Would recommend it to others."

Lew See See, Finance Manager: "Short & precise & also personal & interactive."

Kandau, Hospitality: "Everyone can memorize anything but we are just been differentiated with the memory techniques."

Vanessa Fong Kar Yan, Pri. 4, Raffles Girls' Pri. School: "The workshop is very useful. I enjoyed the course and the methods used to remember facts. I would say that the workshop is very effective and it will help improve your studies."

Nicole Fong Kar Yee, Pri. 2, Raffles Girls' Pri. School: "Maybe you should go to the memory class too. It really helped me."

Mrs Sylvia Fong, Account Manager: "Extremely interesting. Everyone can have a better memory. You can learn from memory experts like Mr Kee on the various methods available to help increase your memory capacity."

Louisa Lee, Sec. 3, Nanyang Girls' High: "Useful and it help to improve my memory skills without making me feel tired or saturated. It is very useful and immediate results / vast improvement in memory can definitely be seen."

Nicholas Wee, Pri. 4, SJI Junior: "Learn more ways. Fun and interesting."

Mark Wee, Pri. 2, SJI Junior: "Learn more from this workshop. Please come to this workshop, it is very interesting."

Bernard Wee: "Learn more creative ways. Fun and relaxing learning environment."

Isabel Chua Ci Eng, Pri. 4, De La Salle Pri. School: "Very interesting and makes things easier to remember. This course is very good. Unlike the others, this class is more worthy and also makes thing easier to remember."

Katherine Chee, Secretary: "I find this workshop very interesting and I had acquired very useful knowledge."

Ms Revathi: Part 1: "Added on techniques to boost memory power. Learn better with humour. It instils confidence in learning more knowledge." Part 2: "Interesting and further enhances us to explore the gifts within us. Have fun while we learn and we realize that we learn better with humour."

Davnini, Pri. 5: Part 1: "I would tell others that this workshop is very interesting and very relevant to their education and daily tasks." Part 2: "The techniques taught during the workshop are very efficient and effective. Vocab: The workshops I've attended have taught me many useful and clever techniques I can use for my daily life. The techniques also help me to remember many things in a very fun way. I would recommend these workshops to others because the workshops are really worth their time and money and Im sure the techniques taught during the workshops would really help them in their studies and daily lives in many fun ways."

Teng Wei Ming, QA Engineer: "Must attend. It really works."

Anila d/o Sivadasan, Homemaker: "Very useful for everyone regardless of age & very beneficial. Express workshop for one wants to have extra confidence."

Sobikun Mahar, Pri. 3: "I think it was very fun. I think you should come because Mr Kee taught us in a very fun way. It was fun because we shared our stories using SIRFEE which was what I like most."

Eugene Tang, Pri. 6: Part 1: "It is very good. Could learn more vocabulary ." Part 2: "I've learned mental filing and mental location."

Jessica Chia, Parent: "Very Good. Very Practical, realistic. Very Enriching & fruitful workshop."

Kassie Ang, Financial Adviser: "Workshop duration is just right. Mr Kee is able to explain the instructions to us. Very clear & simple to follow."

Clara Goh, Director: "More suitable for adults. Interesting & Creative way to memorising things."

Mrs Chew, Business Owner: "Interesting & very useful. Useful tools to have to enhance and speed up learning."

Mr Chew Kim Leong: "Refreshing/Interesting - motivating to learn. I would recommend this workshop to others because they can learn something that will remain with them for the rest of their lives."

Grace Chew, Sec. 4: "Interesting. New facts about the brain that we can learn. Methods ae simple and short. It would give you a choice to remembering things other than just rote learning."

Dawn Chew Yixin, Pri. 6: "Funny and interesting. Can learn more words."

Gerald Chiam, Sec. 1, St Joseph's Institution: "Fun and exciting. Interesting."

Jeremy Toh, Sec. 3, Clementi Town Sec. School: "Very educational and enriching, using very creative methods to enhance the memory of the human brain. Highly recommended, it works."

Thng Shalyn, Pri. 5, CHIJ Kellock: "Most thing I learned can be useful in school and life. It helps you to improve your memory but you must be willing to learn."

Mohd Shafee, Sec. 2, Hong Kah Sec. School: Part 1: "I now know how to memorize words easily. Try this workshop and you will see the difference." Part 2: "You will never regret if you try this workshop."

Mr Stanley Foo: "Eye-opening on the word association. Understand what many memory authors are speaking about association & recognition patterns now ."

Mr Hong Chian Kai: Part 1: "Really useful workshop." Part 2: "A brand new way of remembering things/info."

Ms Belinda Ho: Part 2: "Interesting & creative memory skill which you never think before."

Denise Loke, Pri. 4, QPS: "This workshop is very good and we will have fun."

Samuel Chan, Pri. 6, Pioneer Pri. School: "It is very interesting and motivating."

Brandon Lee, Pri. 6, Pioneer Pri. School: "It is very nice. Join this workshop to help you improve your memory."

Jumiah Umar, Buyer: "Impressive of how much learning technique can be applied in our daily lives. Good brain booster."

Afiq Zayany Zainin, Sec. 1, Northbrooks Sec. School: "It is very useful in life and it teaches me how to improve my memory."

Halijah Mohd Haron, Admin Executive: "Yeah! I improved another 50% of my memory. Very good, beneficial to those who have difficulties in memorizing."

Elize Elleana Afendi, Pri 5: "I could answer all questions after knowing the techniques. This memory workshop helps you to learn more vocabulary and memorize more words. The techniques or formula is very useful."

Pooh Chen Wee, Pri. 3, Rulang Pri. School: "It is fun and educational and people should attend it."

Lim Yi Da, Accountancy Year 1, Singapore Polytechnic: "Vocab: It improves your vocabulary and guide you to expose more words."

Esther Tang, Manager: "Vocab: Interesting. I've learnt new words in an interesting manner and hopefully will stay in my memory with all the associated words/pictures. Helpful. It makes memorizing easier."

Fiona Liem, Student of International Community School: "It helps towards comprehending things better and memorizing things quicker."

Janet Ong, Human Resources Officer (Learning & Development), Singapore Changi Airport: "Great workshop. The techniques are indeed very useful. It helps to improve memory."

Awitan Jeremy Patubo, Civil Engineer: "Interesting. Easier to remember things and new words."

Awitan Maureen Patubo, Civil Engineer: "It is very lively. This program will help you recognize your memory ability and will introduce to you new techniques to improve, develop and enhance your memory."

Jerome Lim, Sec. 2, St Patrick School: "Very effective. Fantastically Interesting. Please find new memorizing techniques and share with us! Thank You Mr Kee!"

Ms Betty Chan: "Enriching."

Ms Tracy Ho: "Enlightening."

Mdm Stephanie Yee attended with son, Darryl Niu: "Excellent. I would recommend this workshop to others because it is very effective and easy way to remember words that we always forget after learning. Must attend!"

Darryl Niu, Pri. 3: "Very Good :) It improves your memory and very educational."

Philip Su, Project Manager: "Explains systematically and clear in delivery the workshop. Very practical and knowledgeable."

David Su, Banking: "It truly helps to build effective way to aid and booost the memory."

Leong Wei Cong, Pri. 4: "This workshop is good."

Leong Jing Ying, Pri 4: "Interesting and fun. It helps us to learn things and have fun when learning it."

Brian Tan, Pri. 6: "I will ask others to come to this workshop."

Umaira Farouk, Sec. 1, Temasek Sec Sch: "I would tell others that this workshop is effective and fun."

Anonymous, Lecturer: "Interesting workshop. Mr Kee is very engaging. This workshop would benefit participants of all ages."

Ms Jayanthie Krishnan, Editor: "Good eye opener. Helpful for everyday demands."

Soh June De, Pri. 6, Coral Pri School: "Frankly, it's a little cram. The lessons are funny, enabling me (the one on hot coals) glued to my seats. Good Works! PS: Sorry for being late:) Very good stuff, especially for someone like me."

Ms Neo Xiu Hui, Admin Assistant: "Interesting and fun learning. Challenging, like a mind game. Interactive & innovative lecturer."

Mr Abdul Latif Bin Abdul Razak, Skilled Technician: "Interesting. Very good on interpersonal skills. Interactive lesson. Very helpful in organising memory. Positive learning."

Mr Zen Leow, Software Engineer: "The results of those before and after tests are very encouraging and builds up my confidence to apply the techniques taught in the class."

Ms Eillis Lian, Administrator: "Interesting, practical, most important, simple and useful."

Ms Zheng Zhifeng: "Comprehensive & extensive. It helps in memorising your words/SOP."

Nicholas Wee Khee Pin, Sec. 3, Catholic High Sch: "I would tell others what I have learnt through the class."

Ms Janice Lee, Administrator: "Very refreshing and techniques would indeed be useful even for me whose profession is more numeric related. Certainly a good night's rest is essential. Participation is important."

Mr Syed Bhaity M Mahmoodulla, Manager: "Though just 3.5 hours, it is packed and worth the money. Must attend."

Ms Jessica Chew: "(i) - Suitable for those who are studying for GRE (verbal section - vocabulary) (ii) - for those who are eager learners. (iii) - adding to (i), suitable for those preparing for scholastic tests."

Gorden Cheng, Pri. 4, Tao Nan School: "You can go to the Dave Kee Learning Centre ."

Lauretta Cheng, Pri. 4, Tao Nan School: "I would say that it is fun and it is extremely good."

Randy Cheng, Pri. 4, Tao Nan School: "The workshop is very good and interesting."

Fung Rui Qi, Pri. 6, Raffles Girls' Pri School: "If you have bad memory, you should attend this workshop."

Alvin Chan, Pri. 5, Radin Mas Pri School: "The workshop is fun."

Andy Koh, Pri. 6: "The teacher teaches me well. I improve a lot after the lesson."

Ms Tiffanie Tan: "Emowering, Motivating, Funny, Interesting lecture."

Ms Sophia Lai, Executive: "Excellent workshop that allows one to remember things effortlesly & in an interesting manner and to apply in all sort of situation, studying, working, shopping..etc."

Ho You Peng, Nanyang Polytechnic Year 3: "Easy, Simple & Successful."

Bryan Lee Jun Hao, Pri. 5: "I would say this workshop is very interesting and meaningful. I would highly recommend this workshop to others."

Nurhannah Nasuha, Sec. 3, Crescent Girls' School: "Very interesting. Help to improve memory."

Sophie Syed, University of Vigninia: "Extremely useful since you learn to hone your memory skills and use new techniques to accomplish more in your daily life."

Yolander, Pri. 5, HGS: "Mr Kee is very creative."

Ignatius, Pri. 3, Tanjong Katong Pri. School: "Before Mr Kee taught me how to do, I scored low mark but then my mark shot up."

Mdm Jace Chew Sik Fong: "Very interesting, help me in memorising more words."

Alvin Tjia Kuncheng, Sales Engineer: "A lot of life examples."

Jasmine Vanita Stephen, Sec. 4, Yishun Sec School: "It is effective and helps lessen my burden to memorize."

Stephanie Anita Stephen, Sec. 4, Yishun Sec School: "It helps to reduce the time needed to memorise stuff."

Shannon Tan, Pri. 5, Raffles Girls' Pri. School: "This workshop is very good and helps you remember things well."

Maggie Chan, TV Producer: "Very entertaining and easy to comprehend. Very useful techniques/knowledge within 3.5 hours."

Katherin Goh, Caterpillar Asia Pte Ltd: "Lenght of workshop is just right. Interesting & beneficial."

Allice Tan, Executive Secretary: "Interesting & Easy to apply. Able to see result after the workshop."

Mumtaj: "Very Good. Certain things which just slipped out of our mind, can be remembered using the tips."

Huang Ying, Self-Employed: "You can really learn something in this class."

James Chieng Kai Seng, Finance: "Very useful techniques which are both simple and useful to apply to all aspects of daily life."

Steven Chong Chai Sin, Consultant: "Good trainer, plenty of hands-on. The workshop works!"

Lauren Chong Hui Ping, Sec. 2, Anglo Chinese School International: "It was engaging. The workshop is fun!"

Jonathan Chong Jin Jie, Pri. 5, Anglo Chinese School (Primary): "It is fun and interesting."

Oliva Lee, Pri. 3, Keming Pri. School: "It is very useful. Now I can remember more! If you have short memory, MUST come here now ! :) ."

Cynthia Lim, Manager: "Workshop conducted in a lively and interesting manner."

Meena, Travel Consultant: "Very Effective Techniques/Practical & Useful ."

Sharon Pang Siaw Yen, Shipping Executive: "I feel quite useful for this workshop 1 which I attended today. Now I learn the skills/way how to improve my memory/techniques to memorise things & words."

Chew Sen Fatt, Shipping Executive: "Give me a very good idea to memorising things. Try it & you will benefit from it."

Phoebe Lam, Sec. 3, Methodist Girls School (Singapore): "Very interesting. Mr Kee teaches in a very funny, imaginative & easy to understand way. There are a lot of good applicable memory skills that I have learned inthis workshop. Short period of time, but a lot of new interesting points."

Paul Lam, Sec. 2, F.M.S.S.: "Very creative. Instead of repeating the words that you need to remember over and over again, you can simply make up your own story to remember it."

Calvin Tan, Pri. 5, St. Andrew's Junior College: "Guaranteed results!"

Lily Koh, Parent: "Very interesting. Good techniques."

Ian Chong, Pri. 6: "Very good. Suitable for all ages over 11. The workshop is very good. It has different techniques to let you remember things."

  ~ end ~