Improve Your Memory Power in One Session

  Testimonials from Jones Lang LaSalle Property Consultants Pte Ltd (2006)

Mr Liu Seng Fatt, Regional Director & Head of Investment: "I would recommend this workshop to others so that they can know what Memory Improvement is all about.”

Ms Irene Tay, Administrator: “The outline is comfortable for a one-day workshop. Not too stressful, nice pace by trainer conducting the class. Fun and enjoyable. The techniques/tips taught are very usefulin our daily life activities. The skill can be practised and will last you thru' a lifetime. Worth learning.”

Ms Quek Soh Hoon, Associate Director: “Pace / Content just right. Good tecniques to learn.”

Ms Stella Hoh, Senior Manager: “Awareness to ways to improve memory.”

Mr Nicholas Ng, Assistant Manager: “Great tips to pick up.”

Mr Alex Oh, Assistant Manager: “Create awareness of this course and I find it useful except that more effort & practics have to be involved.”

Ms Lynnie Lam, Investments Executive : “Fun and enjoyable. Enriching too! Informative on memory skills, can self-improve on daily activities.”

Mr Tan Yuan Han, Investments Executive: “Interesting & useful.”

Lim Song Hai, National Director: “Good but needs lots of self-practice. Good beginner course.”

Ms Carin Puah, Assistant Manager: “Need to practise before you can see result.”

  ~ end ~