Improve Your Memory Power in One Session

  Testimonials from ITE College East Participants (2009)

Mr Ong Chee Aik, Timothy, Lecturer: “Very Good. Beneficial, value for money.”

Ms Irene Quek, Lecturer: “Very Good. Can improve memory.”

Mr Lim Ee Tong, Lecturer: “An effective way to memorise key words for your examinations.”

Rayza Gardon: “Thumbs up! Good job. The lecturer is entertaining and not boring. He's sensible in everything that he said. He explains quick but you can surely understand. You won't waste you time attending this workshop.”

Mohammad Syaidei B Abdul Rahim: “You've got bad memory? Join this workshop...Mr Kee will show you how to remember fast.”

Goh Boon Xian: “It will be very useful for us.”

Muhammad Aidil Bin Abdullah: “Good for people who have memory problem”

Oswald Tan Jie Wei: “Very interesting. This workshop would help you improve in your memory like how it has improved mine.”

Nataprawira Witono: “This workshop is very useful for those who have a poor memory.”

Lu Hui Min: “This worshop is good. It will help you to remember things better. I learn a lot of new things too.”

Asri B Nasni: “Very effective for students who require new skills. It will definitely benefit you.”

Muhammad Saifullah Bin Abdul Rahim: “This workshop is enjoyable to learn.”

Faris Farhan: “This workshop is fun and exciting.”

Johanthan Pek Li Wei: “This workshop improves your memory.”

Chong Siew Yuet: “This workshop is useful. Can really increase your memory but of course you must practise too.”

Tan Yong Chin Amos: “Improve you memory, the new ways you never know.”

Muhammad Shadiq Bin Eksan: “It has helped me improved my memory by picturing and imagination. It also help me to be more interested and attentive. I would recommend this workshop to others because it will help them to improve their memoy skills and techniques.”

Soh Guo Yuan Desmond: “Great.”

Tan Chuan Kai: “It really works and you will be amazed.”

Marcus Huang: “A great lesson to improve and make full use of our memory .”

Muhammad Ali Bin Jafar: “A good way to have a good memory.”

Muhammad Fuad B Zulkifli: “You should attend!”

Deston Mah Chwee Kian: “Can know more about memorising skills.”

Muhd Mahathir: “A good workshop for those who have a good imagination. A good workshop to attend.”

Mihd Jauhar Raiz: “It is very useful and it helps me a lot. It also helps to lessen the burden by trying to memorising the hard way as it teaches to memorise easily and help to increase memory power.”

Chesney Kuah: “I think it is useful and unique. I would ask others to join this workshop as it gives them good knowledge."

Bryan Tan: “I think it is good to our brain.”

Edwin Tan Yong Zhi: “Interesting way to remember stuff. It improve our memory.”

Seak Wei Siang Shaun: “Very good. Try this memory workshop.”

Mohamed Khairul: “Nice workshop and it is helpful.”

Tan Chou Hong Max: “I can remember better. I actually realise that I can remember quite well.”

Lim Kee Zhong: “It increases your memory power.”

Kenneth Lau Jun Hui: “Very good. It is a very interesting and effective memory workshop.”

Muhammad Aidil: “Improve the memory ability.”

Muhd Zaidan Khan: “It is a good and useful workshop for everyone. It is also a very good workshop for us to remember and memorize things which are very hard to remember.”

  ~ end ~