Improve Your Memory Power in One Session

  Testimonials from Energy Market Authority (2007 ~ 2008)

Testimonials from Energy Market Authority (July 2007)
Level 1

Ms Irene Lau, Director, Secretariat: Part 1: “Practical and useful. Techniques can be used at work and in one’s private life.”

Mr Kng Meng Hwee, Deputy Chief Executive, Power System Operation Divison: “Interesting. Useful techniques.”

Lim Hon Wee Joseph, Senior Officer, Secretariat: “Very practical methods and instantly produces results!! Cheap and good.”

Warren: “Very knowledgeable. Improve memory.”

Florence Chia Mui Cheng: “Very good. It is really wonderful. Really feel that memory can be trained”

Adrian Lim: “Mental Filing is a good technique to remember items.”

Janet Loh: “It is very interesting and a fun learning workshop. Really helps improve my memory.”

Jeanne Chua : “Interesting & fruitful :) Mr Kee is so humourous. It is good for all levels.”

Karen Seah: “Very Useful.”

Evelyn Chia: “It is very interesting and learn a lot of words. Can even remember more things or words than before.”

Lee Ming Tao: “Extremely useful and easy to pick up. The workshop is very useful. Go for it.”

Nicholas Loh: “Effective.”

Lim Joo Thiam: “I have learnt to appreciate the art of mental filing. It will improve your mental capability.”

Thong Kwok Woh: “It did help to improve my memory.”

Melvin Tan: “Very informative & useful in daily life.”

Anonymous: “Clear and fun. It is very helpful to improve your memory capability.”

Khalid Bin Mohd Aleh: “Good memory technique to learn.”

Lim Khoon Huat: “Short and sweet. Message comes across clearly.”

Leo Hee Long: “Quite Useful.”

Participant: “I would say that this workshop introduces to you new techniques in remembering things.”

Participant: “Please attend.”

Participant: “Informative."


Testimonials from Energy Market Authority (May 2008)
Level 1

Participant: "I would like to thank you for a remarkable course you have rendered to me, this definitely going to be one of the few of the thousands courses I attended throughout my 'civil Service' life, that going to leave a mark in my brain. Again , David thanks for a good course."

Julie Tan: “It will help to improve your memory.”

Jolene Tan: “The course is well conducted and concepts learnt are relevant and applicable to daily life.”

Wong Teck Boon:“A wonderful workshop which I ever attended before. It helps to improve our memory capacity.”

Lau Ka Kwai: “New and useful methods for improving memory.”

Ye Luyan: “Gain interesting insights on memory techniques.”

Rosmawati: “Very effective.”

Gowri Kunanegaran: “This workshop is short and yet effective. Simple to remember. Techniques are introduced in an easy to understand way. Attend this workshop as an introduction and you will be interested to learn more on KEE Learning. Learn the basics at least for a beginning.”

Too Yew Yong: “Good workshop. Good for young.”

Ng Kee Shee: “Close to excellent. Attend it before too late .”

Barbara Tay: “Helpful. Give it a try.”

Muhammed Sidique: “Should be given more time to conduct. Only attend if you want to improve your memory.”

Lee Kim Hwee: “Interesting.”

Lim Beng Chuan: “Interesting. This workshop is fulfilling.”


Testimonials from Energy Market Authority (May 2008)
Level 2

Ms Irene Lau, Director, Secretariat: "Interesting, useful, practical techniques to enhance memory were taught. I find the technique to remember new words especially useful. You will learn techniques that will be useful and applicable in your daily life."

Mr Kng Meng Hwee, Deputy Chief Executive, Power System Operation Divison: “Engaging & Dynamic trainer that makes the workshop interesting & ensure active participation of trainees. Useful & Powerful techniques to boost memory, especially on abstract words and numbers.”

Evelyn Chia: Part "Interesting and fun. Learn different types of mental locations."

D’Cruz Warren Jude: “Good to learn how to remember.”

Lim Hock Peng: “Short, relevant & useful (practical, achievable).”

Jolene Tan: “Very useful & relevant to daily life. Interesting too!”

Thong KW: “Aids to help you to memorize.”

Leo Hee Long: “This workshop will be useful to help you remember things and words However, you need to practise & make effort to remember the system and the mental locations.”

Wilson Too: “Need own effort to remember memory locations. Good for memory training.”

Barbara Tay: “Alright but quite tough. Give it a try.”

Lee Soon Yong: “Excellent course to improve memory power.”

Joseph Lim : “Informative workshop !! Useful techniques for everyday learning and recalling of information.”

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