Improve Your Memory Power in One Session

  Testimonials from C-nergy Group Pte Ltd (2007)

Mrs Lindy Ong, Teacher: "Very interesting and effective ways learnt."

Mrs Janice Ng, Teacher: "It's fun & relax. It's interesting to learn more things through the session!"

Ms Ng Chiew Heok, Teacher: "Very interesting. It's helpful to improve memory."

Mrs Liu Yu Fang, Chinese Language Educator: "Very interesting. Helps improve Memory."

Ms Alice Chen, Chinese Language Educator: "Very interesting and helpful workshop to help my own memory. It is good and easy to learn and remember. The way he taught us and the method he used."

Ms Celine Ang, Teacher: "Interesting, relevant to prior experience. Able to motivate partcipants. This instructor is jovial and capable of drawing our attention."

Ms Shirley Tan, Teacher: "Interesting. Fun & interesting. I learnt new methods of learning & how to improve my memory."

Ms Jessie Soh, Chinese Language Educator: "Thank you! A very professional session. I have learnt a lot of memory techniques."

Anonymous, Teacher: "Interesting and very helpful."

Ms Vanishree, Teacher: "Learnt a lot. Could apply in our daily task."

Ms Jasmine Tein, Teacher: "Interesting! Rather engaging."

Anonymous, Teacher: "Very interesting and enriching."

Ms Medaline Tan, Teacher: "Fun, useful in remembering notes. It is fun & useful."

Anonymous: "Quite interesting. Improves memory, learn memory skills to remember better."

Ms Chris Tan, Teacher: "Will relate everyday life and routines. Improve memory."

Ms Hasana Bte Hassan, Teacher: "Improves memory, learn new techniques on how to remember better."

Ms Shanti, Teacher: "Interesting!"

Anonymous, Teacher: "This really helps in improving your memory."

Ms Hazrina, Teacher: "Interesting."

Ms Jennifer Tan, Chinese Language Educator: "This workshop is very good."

Anonymous, Teacher: "Interesting, funny."

  ~ end ~