Improve Your Memory Power in One Session

  Testimonials from Creative Technology Ltd (2007)

Huang Jer Loon, Engineering Manager: "Interesting and really learn good way of remember things. Learn to organise memory better."

Yu Kern Ming, Engineer: "Very experience trainer, very knowledgeable, funny too. Go attend and you will benefit tremendously from it. But must PRACTICE!"

Lew Kee Keong, Project Management: "I would recommend this workshop to others because you can just see what it has done for me."

Edwin Kuah Woon Hua, Engineer: "It really helps me to remember items."

Tyo Boon Tien, Test Development Engineer: "Interesting. Live to learn."

Ng Ai Wei, Ivy, Procurement: "Beneficial workshop."

Frangi Wong, Internat Audit: "The techniques taught are very useful."

Jonathan Koh, Internal Audit: "Good memory techniques."

Fong Chee Keong, Analyst: "Lively, Introducing new methodology in memory."

Margaret Tay, Manager: "I would recommend this workshop to the younger generation."

Wong Chee Hoe, Software Engineer: "Can see improvement but must practise."

Tan Kia Quang Michael, IT Engineer:"Teaches memory techniques."

Kyaw Aung Myint, IT System Analyst: "Know the technique to remember and practice."

Anonymous: "Now I know more techniques to remember vocabulary."

  ~ end ~