Improve Your Memory Power in One Session

  Testimonials from Asian Women's Welfare Association (AWWA) (2010)

Emily Chan (Sec 4): "This workshop is really useful to students and people of all ages.”

Joyce Chang Jin Wen (Pri 5): “It is very interesting and fun. You must go for this workshop because you may learn a lot of things.”

Lynn Chang (Sec 4): “This workshop is like we can learn a lot of new things and fun. You can benefit a lot from this workshop.”

Don Lee Jing Yong (Pri 6): “It is very good.”

Kho Sock Hui (Pri 3): “Fun, interesting and well organized. This workshop lessen our burdens of remembering things.”

Mdm Lim Swee Yah (Parent): “Very helpful. Interesting & fun way to remember new words.”

Randy Sim Wen Jie (Sec 2): "Very interesting.”

Mdm Sally Chiu (parent): “It is going to help you improve your memory power by learning the techniques taught and using them regularly in your daily activities.”

Tan Si Hui (Sec 2): “This workshop is really beneficial to people who want to improve their memory.”

Benedict Tang Jun Kai (Sec 2): “It helps you to increase your memory skills in an easier manner.”

Jonathan Tiong Soon Yi (Sec 1): “It is effective and unlike other workshops, delivers on its promises. The best I have ever attended!”

Benjamin Tiong (Parent of Jonathan Tiong): “Practical skill building. No airy fairy stuff like other highly publicised ones. Useful.”

Calvin Zhong (Sec 3): “It helps you to increase memory skills .”

Alicia Tan (Pri 5): “Nice food for break. You will know whow to improve your memory.”

Ms Jenny Tay: “Interesting/useful/stress free/Had a good time laughing as well. Simple enough that we will utilise the methods taught.”

  ~ end ~