Improve Your Memory Power in One Session

  Testimonials from ATDC Sdn. Bhd (2010)

Hajah Raeidyah Haji Bujang (Investment Officer): "You can learn a lot of fun techniques to improve your memory.”

Judy Mah Wai Chin (Accounts/Administration): “It is a good workshop to improve memory & ways of memorising things.”

Rose Chong Yit Ying (Logistic Supervisor): “It is very interesting & can learn something new with clear understanding.”

Ryan T. S. Sekhon (Form 5): “This workshop was surprisingly very helpful and I hope it will help me with my everyday tasks. The workshop showed surprising results and I know I can get something from this.”

Law Xiao Song (Executive Director): “Practical and useful. Knowledge immediately useable. Workshop will make a difference to the way you start remembering things.”

Leong Fatt Seng (Manager): “Simple and easy to understand and yet useful techniques/skills taught. There are better ways of remembering other than just rote learning.”

Adrian Tee Neng Hou (Form 5): "Excellent. Fantastic. Best workshop ever.”

Britney Tee Sze Chie (Form 4): “Remembering things have many ways. This workshop provide methods that help me to remember better.”

  ~ end ~